Friday, January 6, 2017


dome pendant 5 smd (426x640, 51Kb)

dome pendant 6-1 smd (640x427, 73Kb)

dome pendant light smd 1 (426x640, 84Kb)
You will need about 10 meters clothesline and thick glue (best suited PVA)
DSC_0205 (640x427, 113Kb)
The most important thing in making this chandelier is such a piece of wood. With its help, we will create a wave-like workpiece. Rope drench need to grease the terminals and put the waves to dry.

DSC_0100 (427x640, 58Kb)
Further, the ball or the ball should be pasted pieces of adhesive tape or adhesive tape, or rope glued to the ball and lose its flat, round shape. We put a rope from the center, uniform turns
DSC_0132 copy (427x640, 74Kb)

Once again profusely smeared with glue for decoupage

DSC_0228 copy (427x640, 85Kb)

Separate the cover from the old chandeliers
DSC_0236 (427x640, 68Kb)

Paint white spray paint
DSC_0237 (640x375, 64Kb)
We hang a chandelier. So, stop! Important! If you are uncomfortable with electricity, it is best not to experiment and call an electrician) Or cut down all the plugs in your electrical panel and do not forget the adhesive tape and the pros with the cons))) And no alcoholic beverages, the chandelier hanging only need sober) )) by the way, if you consider yourself extreme unconventional and love to indulge in alcoholic beverages, please see the link . There you are sure to find something of such things, which have not tried)
DSC_0253 (640x427, 40Kb)

Attach cover our ready
rope pendant 4 smd (427x640, 73Kb)
rope pendant 1 smd (427x640, 44Kb)
dome pendant 7-1 smd (427x640, 41Kb)

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