Friday, September 30, 2016


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Extraordinarily delicate and beautiful flower - daisy.

The size of this flower as a finished product 7 cm.

Mounting can be any what only you want. In my case - a hairpin, as often these flowers I grew stronger in the gum.

To start prepare all that we need, and they are:

1) Scissors.

2) Tape width of 5 cm, a single flower takes me about 70 cm is possible. use tape 4 cm, but then the flower will turn smaller.

3) needle and thread.

6) Glue gun.

7) lighter.

8) Candle.

9) Felt.

10) pins.

11) Beads.

12) Scissors.

13) Forceps .

14) pins or rubber bands.

15) Cut rep ribbon 10 cm.

16) Accessories ladybugs.

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to begin with we will cut the ribbon on our equal squares. In my flower petals 14, respectively, 14 squares and I have prepared.
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Next, I want to show you how I'm doing a round petal. If you already know how to do it, just skip this step. And for those who are just learning to create beauty, I showed all the steps of creating a petal.
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These are the petals have obtained. Let me remind you that I have their 14 pieces.
0 + 3 (700x525, 55Kb)
These are the petals have obtained. Let me remind you that I have their 14 pieces.
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Next, we need to collect the petals of a flower. To do this, I prefer to use a long needle for beads. I strung it on all the petals and monitors at once, so that they are at the same level.
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Then I reach the thread with a needle through the entire range of our petals. And pulling the thread, pick a flower.
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Then, let us midway.

For this flower, I wanted to embroider her beads. To do this, take a circle of felt the size of 1.5 cm, beads and sew a few beads, making it beautiful and smooth as possible, coils.
original (700x525, 56Kb)
original (238x229, 29Kb)
Let the lying and waiting in the wings.

And we will deal workpiece fixing to flower.

In this master class, I propose a variant of fastening on a flower barrette crocodile. A little later I'll show you how I matured flowers on gum.

Take the hairpin. With the gun I glued it to a circle of felt the size of 2 cm.
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Remember the piece of rep tape? Now it is useful to us.

I glued it diagonally to the hairpin and wrap on top. Do I, as always, not to give him a chance to the flower fall off from the clips.
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That's it.
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And now there are the most interesting -. To collect our flower

. At first I was again with the help of a gun glue our hairpin on collected on the thread flower
0- (700x525, 52Kb)
Now attach the same adhesive our midway.
0 + 1 (700x525, 50Kb)
And completing our composition a small but very nice bug. I must say that it is not obligatory. You can do without it.
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That's all. Our incredible beauty is ready.

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 The sole according to the scheme      

And top of this scheme, I hope it is clear ...

And what a beauty!