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Dress and bolero hook-year-old girl.  Description of the scheme
We suggest you contact a fairly simple in execution, but very beautiful crocheting kit for girls 1 year.
How to knit baby dress:

size: for girls 1 year old.

Require: 200 g of blue, slightly to furnish white, pink - purple and green yarns (100% Koton, 570 m / 100 g), 4 nacreous small buttons (more appropriate white), the hook № 2.
circuit boards for girls
Pattern for coquette: circuit 18-1. In the scheme shown in direct and inverse series. On the pattern indicated by the numeral 1.

The pattern for hem: circuit 18-2. In the diagram shown, circular rows. In the pattern indicated by the numeral 2.

Element "flower": Scheme 18-3. Tally from the center of the circle.

Element of "leaf": circuit 18-4.

Description. Size, layout patterns, knitting direction shown on the pattern (Fig. 18-1). Dress consists of a yoke and hem. Work is carried out in stages.

Stage 1 (yoke). Knit one on top of the neck forward and backward blade rows. Initially vyvyazyvayut chain of 73. f. (1 + 2 fold hinge for symmetry 3 + edge hinges on both sides). Vyvyazav 3. f. for lifting a new row, further knitting pattern diagram of 18-1 (11 + 3 repeats edge loops on both sides). The following diagram shows the addition of the loop for the expansion and all the rows required for knitting the part. Vyvyazav all the series circuit, finished work on the yoke, tying the edge of the 11th near the circuit. During the strapping connect number in the ring, having closed edges of the cut.

Stage 2 (hem). Now we go to the knitting fabric hem. To do this, we add up the yoke in such a way that the cut was back in the middle. Marks the place where they will cuffs. These sites leave out of work. On other parts (back and front) basque begin to knit the hem of her dress. Knit circle one cloth without seams from top to bottom. Provyazyvaete par Art. s / n. for the penultimate (10th) basque number (circle 128 bars). Of each century. n. 3 is knitted article in the cell pattern. s / n. Next knit scheme 18-2 (16 repeats). Knit circular rows, with its lifting line to a new series in the side seam. The following diagram shows the addition of the loop for the expansion and all the rows required for knitting the part. Vyvyazav all the series circuit, finished work on the hem.

Attention! If you get too strapped (narrowly) at the bottom of armholes, then recommended between the back and the front of the skirt in places armholes vyvyazat chain of 4 in. n. Note that while in the pattern of the hem will add another repeat of the pattern.

3rd stage (assembly). Neckline and slit edges on the back of tie 1 -th next item. b / n. During work at the neckline at one edge section vyvyazhite loop under the button (arch of 3-5 in. P.), And the second sew a button. Green yarn vyvyazhite leaves (5 pcs.) On the scheme 18-4. Under the scheme 18-3 vyvyazhite colored flowers (3 pcs.). Vyvyazannymi elements decorate coquette dress. At the midway flowers sew on buttons.

How to knit baby bolero:

Size: for a 1 year old girl.
Require: 100 g of white yarn (coton 55%, 45% acrylic, 160 m / 50 g), the hook № 2.
scheme bolero for girls

Element for the backrest: Scheme 19-1. Tally from the center of the circle. In the diagram shown, circular rows. Cell Size:. 22 x 22 cm element 1 will take.

Element for shelves: Scheme 19-2. At first tally from the center of a circle circular

rows, then fit the shoulder rows forward and backward from the bottom up. Cell Size:. 14 x 22 cm element 2 will take.

Description. Dimensions of parts indicated in the pattern (Fig. 19-1, 19-2).

First, knit back. It consists of one square element vyvyazannogo scheme 19-1. Knit from the center of the circle. Vyvyazav detail (full member), set it aside. Now is knitted separately on two shelves circuit 19-2. For the right front first round knit fragment (from 1 st to 8 th series). Then you go above fragment vyvyazyvayut shoulder (the 9th to 20th rows). Forward and backward knitting rows from the bottom up. In Scheme Specified decrease loops to form the right bevel neckline. Vyvyazav all the series circuit, finished work on the shelf. Left shelf fit in the same way but in mirror image. Sew shoulder and side seams.
Author - Yun V. N.

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