Sunday, December 31, 2017


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JOleZRYzMoA (453x604, 178Kb) LFQwCqV5bY8 (453x604, 116Kb)

sx56q8CT36E (453x604, 196Kb)

np_CxZ3RGsk (516x604, 261Kb)
Handbag hook scheme Handbag hook scheme Handbag hook scheme

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 (527x699, 173Kb)

 (483x699, 157Kb)

 (391x512, 87Kb)

You can knit, and as shown in the picture, so get more dense fabric and is a scheme embroidery can not be applied, you can only choose the pattern, but I connected the motives of the lines, not diagonally, and I turned the gaps between the motives, so blanket is a more airy. 
That's all!


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R'RμR "RѕSЃRЅRμR¶RЅR ° SЏ RєRѕS" ‡ S,RѕS RєR ° (70) (466x700, 299Kb)

R'RμR "RѕSЃRЅRμR¶RЅR ° SЏ RєRѕS" ‡ S,RѕS RєR ° (71) (466x700, 318Kb)

2013-12-02 15.45.44 (525x700, 260Kb)

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XRNXpEAFxzU (500x700, 399Kb) 

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2gygDoyd7Ko (700x700, 292Kb)

topp3Stylish top with large cells

Saturday, December 30, 2017


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Schrag hook Solomon's knot

Schrag hook Solomon's knot

Schrag hook Solomon's knot

Schrag hook Solomon's knot

Schrag hook Solomon's knot

Schrag hook Solomon's knot

Schrag crochet scheme

Solomon's knot

Solomon's knot

6 (500x375, 180Kb)

7 (500x423, 270Kb)

8 (500x417, 197Kb)

It took on a shawl 120 g.

2. We pull the loop of the size of what we want to see as a result of its loops in the product.

3. like ordinary , lightly holding the line capture our future.

4. introducing the hook in the back wall of the EP, and grab a working thread to the hook 2 will loop.

5. grab the working yarn and stretch it through the two loops on the hook.

6-7. loop gain again pull on the size equal to the first loop of Solomon.


Strapping I did the flowers.

scheme is not new, but many are not obtained. today, all steps will tell you that even a beginner would understand!
here is my circuit.

and now more.
thread moher.100gr. 500 meters. Hook №2

1ryad. recruit 4 air loop, do not pull them tight and not to delay ... the head of the hook to be easily held in the loop hole. combine them into a circle.

.8 ch. be careful that the loops were not extended. they must be the same.

So come for a total of 6 times and close the tab the next chain of 8 ch.

I have an iron with ceramic surface, so I do without extra fabric.

 slightly pulling petals, but the current is very little. and a chain of ch recover, so that they lie flat before stripping.

as it turned out, the most difficult thing is not to knit flowers, and make each new game similar to the previous one, because I advise always to leave the control flower, if you knit product fits and starts.

Now the flowers can be connected to the web , used as a motive or do something or harness or