Monday, April 30, 2018

Violet purple dresses of square motifs

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corrected circuit


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Un panier en corde et crochet (640x507, 288Kb)
diamond-trellis-basket-022 (700x666, 473Kb)

honeycomb-pop-basket-002 (700x591, 409Kb)

You will need:
  • The length of the rope (mine was 38m in length and 6mm in diameter, for a basket of 22x42x17cm)
  • 100% cotton yarn 
  •  5.00 mm hook for crochet (use a metal hook if possible, since the work is quite stiff), or a larger sized hook if your rope is thicker.
Foundation: decide what size you need the base. Here 22 by 42 cm. The difference between the two dimensions (in my case 20 cm) is to dial the chain to start. In this case 30.
30 +2, turn
Lay the rope along the chain and tie it with a bar without a crochet. 
Look at the photos, it's all very simple.
Un panier en corde et crochet2 (640x538, 213Kb)

Un panier en corde et crochet3 (640x518, 235Kb)

Un panier en corde et crochet4 (1) (465x352, 98Kb)

Un panier en corde et crochet4 (465x349, 104Kb)

Un panier en corde et crochet5 (640x480, 274Kb)
on the materials of the / 2013/06/12 / crochet-rope-basket /
tall-montage (233x700, 211Kb)   rectangular-diamond-trellis-basket-pinable (233x700, 222Kb)

knob pattern

honeycomb-pop-basket-002 (700x591, 409Kb)

honeycomb-pop-basket-008 (700x525, 324Kb)

honeycomb-pop-basket-015 (660x700, 585Kb)

Sunday, April 29, 2018


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Pothook "Monkey" with your own hands crocheted with photo

How to tie a monkey crochet hook


Tack size: 21x19 cm
You will need:
1. Thick cotton yarn (50g / 105-110m):
-15 g of brown color;
- 10 g of pink and beige flowers;
- a little red;
2. Hook No. 2
3. A pair of plastic eyes.

Knitting process

Start knitting from the bottom. Type the pink yarn of 16 in. and, starting with the second loop from the hook, knit the stitches according to the scheme Art. b / n. In the 14th row, put into operation yarn brown, and in the 21st - beige.
Knitting Pattern for a Monkey
Obtain the resulting workpiece along the edge of the st. b / n, then - "step by step", using yarn of the corresponding colors. In the binding process, perform a loop on the top of the tack for suspension, typing a chain from the 16th century for this. etc. and fixing it together. Art.
Run the mouth with a red thread. It can be embroidered with a backstitch or crocheted. To do this, fix the thread on the wrong side of the tack and, pulling the loops through the fabric, tie them. Stitch two nostrils with a brown thread.
Smooth the prepared stitch through a damp cloth.
Glue the monkey eyes.
Pothread is ready

And another option stitches - beautiful for any interior of your kitchen.
Crochet hooks.  Knitting PatternCrochet hooks.  Knitting Pattern


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Saturday, April 28, 2018


Baby blanket with roses

 (491x699, 91Kb)b
 (699x517, 78Kb)

Spring plaid crochet "Tenderness".

4341231_ee34c58498 (300x225, 122Kb)
1. To work, you will need a yarn of your favorite colors and a suitable hook. The colors can be combined as the soul wishes) The duration of the work is roughly stated roughly, because it depends on the size of the rug and the speed of knitting.
4341231_130509200322_1_ (635x635, 62Kb)

2. We collect the necessary number of air loops for a blanket of the required length. The ends of the threads are not too short - you need to fringe at the end of knitting.
4341231_130509200323 (635x635, 34Kb)

3. The first row is knitted by a grid of columns with a crochet and air loops.

4341231_130509200325 (635x635, 35Kb)

4. The second row is knitted alternating columns without a crochet and air loops.

4341231_130509200326 (635x635, 40Kb)

5. Then alternate these 2 rows, changing only the thread color in the desired order.

4341231_130509200327 (635x635, 56Kb)

6. At the end of the work make the brushes-fringe, hiding the ends of the thread.

4341231_130509200328 (635x635, 63Kb)

7. Enjoying the product)
4341231_130509200329 (635x632, 62Kb)