Saturday, September 30, 2017


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Hook circuit pattern pineappleCrocheted Pineapple blouse | Senpolia handmade

نتيجة بحث الصور

fashion magazine.  Hook.  №524Sweater with a pattern Pineapple

Thursday, September 28, 2017


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Snow white topic for girls
Top of the top I knitted here with this pattern

01+ (280x699, 85Kb)01 (402x699, 97Kb)
111 (700x694, 89Kb)
And these are hooks. 1.3 mm knit motifs. 0.70 knit mesh.
1 (700x401, 44Kb)
I knit a skirt of pineapple.
1 (700x276, 159Kb)

1+ (700x443, 245Kb)
1- (698x304, 158Kb)
1-- (700x508, 287Kb)
2 (645x699, 303Kb)
2+ (700x459, 258Kb)
1 (700x566, 332Kb) 1+ (700x547, 292Kb)
Now we will knit the upper hand. Motives are ready, you need to collect them in a pile. This will be my first Irish. Oh, and it's scary to start. Motives to impose imposes and now how to unite them ... I do not know. And this is the back. We begin to connect. Oh, and it's hard to connect for the first time.
3 (700x479, 215Kb)
So it turns out. Already more fun.
1 (699x452, 223Kb)
It will be in front of a sarafan.
2 (699x480, 195Kb)
Here such product has turned out.

1+ (698x249, 116Kb)
1 (699x279, 129Kb)
1+ (681x700, 279Kb) 1 ++ (699x362, 195Kb) 1 +++ (699x690, 212Kb)
Here, the top is already ready for a sarafan. Front and rear view.
1 (700x455, 195Kb) 1+ (700x465, 213Kb)
And this is a bit enlarged, small pieces.
1 (700x556, 231Kb) 2 (700x507, 242Kb) 3 (700x525, 209Kb)
Now we need to put everything together to make it very beautiful.
11 (593x700, 296Kb)
That's a ready sarafan. 
Shortened skirt on one row of pineapples. So beautiful. And then long and ugly on the baby. 
It turned out and sarafan and as a tunic for a baby 1 year old. 

It took 2.5 motovka thread for such a sarafan.

3 (618x699, 283Kb)
3+ (700x488, 227Kb)
3 ++ (700x535, 283Kb)
In front of the lace-string.

1 (529x699, 247Kb)