Tuesday, August 30, 2016


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- Pullover with penguins for kids

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24 (535x700, 325Kb)

25 (535x700, 303Kb)

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Happy day


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Jacket color of coffee with milk



knitted jacket..

Knitted jacket with square motifs

Knitted jacket with square motifs

Sunday, August 21, 2016


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R§SѓRґRμSЃRЅS <R№ P "RμS,RЅRёR№ S,RѕRї RєSЂSЋS ‡ RєRѕRј (443x578, 241Kb)

R§SѓRґRμSЃRЅS <R№ P "RμS,RЅRёR№ S,RѕRї RєSЂSЋS RєRѕRј ‡ (2) (439x584, 211Kb)

R§SѓRґRμSЃRЅS <R№ P "RμS,RЅRёR№ S,RѕRї RєSЂSЋS ‡ RєRѕRј (3) (457x610, 294Kb)

R§SѓRґRμSЃRЅS <R№ P "RμS,RЅRёR№ S,RѕRї RєSЂSЋS ‡ RєRѕRј (4) (445x587, 220Kb)

R§SѓRґRμSЃRЅS <R№ P "RμS,RЅRёR№ S,RѕRї RєSЂSЋS RєRѕRј ‡ (5) (609x415, 230Kb)

R§SѓRґRμSЃRЅS <R№ P "RμS,RЅRёR№ S,RѕRї RєSЂSЋS ‡ RєRѕRј (6) (300x289, 59Kb)

R§SѓRґRμSЃRЅS <R№ P "RμS,RЅRёR№ S,RѕRї RєSЂSЋS ‡ RєRѕRј (7) (300x300, 86Kb)

R§SѓRґRμSЃRЅS <R№ P "RμS,RЅRёR№ S,RѕRї RєSЂSЋS ‡ RєRѕRј (8) (652x699, 315Kb)

5988810_topgol (319x322, 48Kb)
Before and back tally equally. Knit from the top down in a circle.
Dial 300 stitches, to close the circle. Work on the scheme of fantasy pattern, 300 voz.petel turns 10 patterns (one pattern in the diagram indicated by * and *).
H a height of 12 cm from the beginning to work as follows.:
100 loops back; leave 50 loops for the sleeves; 100 for the forehand and leave for another 50 of the sleeve.
Before : add on each side in a row: 8 times in 6 loops - is 5 times * and *.
The back  knit as well.
When the front and rear made of the same height, to close the circle, and continue to knit fancy pattern. At a height of 36 cm. From start to finish knitting.
5988810_topgol1 (607x351, 99Kb)


5988810_sad42_2_ (423x700, 251Kb)
This exquisite top fit very quickly. To the upper part of the "sit" perfectly cups operate on special the pattern.
Dimensions:  34/36 (38/40)  You will need:  200 (250) g of a light olive Binario yarn (50% cotton, 45% viscose, 5% polyamide, 100 m / 50 g); Hook number 5; light olive fastener 25 cm long; . fine hat gum  basic pattern:  Art. 6 / n, at the same time to introduce the hook of the rear wall of the loop. Each row start with 1 abstentions. n., instead of lifting the 1st item. . 6 / n  openwork pattern:  knit by the scheme. Each row start with a specified number of abstentions. n. lifting. Start with loops before rapport, rapport repeat loop for the respective series after finishing loops rapport. Run 1 times 1 st to 9 th p., Then repeat with the 2nd to the 9th p.  Knitting density. The basic pattern:  16 p and 20 p.. = 10 x 10 cm; openwork pattern: 16 p and 10 p.. . = 10 x 10 cm  Bottom:  tie a chain of 115 (130) abstentions. n. + 3 abstentions. f. Recovery and knit openwork pattern. After 25 cm from the edge of typesetting finish work.  Cups:  tie a chain of 17 abstentions. n. 1 abstentions. f. Recovery and knit the basic pattern, with each row in the secondary loop knit 3 tbsp. b / n. After 8 (9) cm from the edge of typesetting tie 1 p. without additions.  Camisole:  tie a chain of 70 (80) Air. n. and tie 2 p. Art. b / n.  Assembly:  perform side seam and sew the bottom of the zipper. Sew tuck cups and sew them to the top edge of the bottom. Sew straps. All edges tie 1 p."Rachego step" (Art. B / n from left to right), at the same time to knit back together with a rubber band.

5988810_652_1287493371 (265x284, 16Kb)   5988810_652_1287493388 (182x197, 8Kb)   
5988810_652_1287493382 (378x157, 9Kb)

Happy hook


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33 (494x700, 276Kb)

35 (494x700, 286Kb)

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38 (494x700, 292Kb)

39 (494x700, 312Kb)

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47 (494x700, 252Kb)

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304,452 (586x700, 297Kb)

93260885 (562x700, 250Kb)

35 (535x700, 350Kb)

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36 (535x700, 304Kb)

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