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Decor knitted pillows.

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Lucy girl doll crocheting illustration

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Good-looking character doll illustration 

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Thursday, March 15, 2018


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You will need: yarn Angora Gold (10% mohair, 10% wool, 80% acrylic, 550 m / 100 g) - 300 g beige, spokes number 3.5, hook number 2.5. 
Elastic band 1x1: knit alternately one person. etc. and 1 ap. 
Facial smoothness: faces. ranks - of persons. loops, out. the ranks are different. loops. 
Density knitting: 22 p. X 29 rows of faces. smooth surface = 10 x 10 cm; openwork motive = 13x13 cm. 
Back: put 102 knots on the knitting needles, bind 6 cm with elastic band 1x1. Next, knit the faces. smooth. At an altitude of 39 cm from the rubber band for the armhole, close in each row 1 x 2 pt., 4 times x 1 pt, then in each 2-rd row 3 times x 1 l. After that, tie a 12 cm straight, then tie a 4 cm rubber band 1x1 and close the loops according to the drawing.
Before: dial 102 pcs on the knitting needles, bind 6 cm with elastic band 1x1. Then knit only the last 12 sts (about 5 cm) on both sides, and close the remaining hinges in the middle. Each side suture separately individuals. smooth. At a height of 39 cm from the elastic band, tie off the armhole from the side like the back. At the height of the armhole 16 cm, loosen the hinges. Bind the second side symmetrically. Then crochet 12 openwork motifs in scheme 1, connecting them together during the process of knitting the last row (should be 3 motifs horizontally and 4 - vertically). Space between the motifs fill with small motives, connected in the scheme 2: 6 of the whole motives and 10 half-motives (see photo).
Sleeves: 42 pcs., Knit 4 cm with elastic band 1x1. Next, knit the faces. smooth, adding for the bevels sleeves on both sides in each in each 8th row of 1 st. At a height of 45 cm from the rubber for the pellet of the sleeve, close the sleeves for the 1st row in row 2 in the rows 2,3,4 , 5,7,9,11 - 1 pt., Rows 6,8,10,12-18 tie without decreasing, close in rows 19,22,24,26,28-34, 1 rows, rows 20, 21,23,25,27 knit without decreasing, in the ranks of 35-38 close up to 2 points. 
Assembling: connect the transmission parts. Then, at the top edge of the knitting needles, evenly loop, including the pending side hinges, and tie a 4 cm rubber band 1x1. Close the hinges according to the drawing. Perform 7 cm shoulder seams, sew up sleeves, make side seams and seam sleeves.
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With the line: 1 share cashmere, wool 4 shares 
with a needle: Liu # 2 (# 1 too compact for better) knitting tutorial: full graphic, not the sides at last added dog teeth illustration: 

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The apron hook


With needle: 2.5MM
With thread: silk 37g

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