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Now, about the sequence of knitting. I start with a skirt, alternating colors. Brown that lighter - narrow strips, dark brown - the series of elongated loops.
Here is a diagram on the skirt is clear enough (the main thing that a good picture is increased)

Long knit loops in the yarn 2 on this principle 
Only I do not throw on the line, and on the plug, so you can knit round.
And I threw them only if they are already "connected" near the top of columns w / n.

Knit skirt and so finished it, I sheathed the middle of a stamp of each motif with dark brown thread, to avoid obvious "chunk light" dresses.
Next I moved on to the sleeve. He tied it with the same first row, like a skirt as well and will be bound with a collar.
Then I cut out of cardboard I needed form of sleeves and mark on it the number of future elongated loops (up to the middle of the sleeve). Then scissors notched top of each tag to loop does not slip on the cardboard, and clung to the serifs.

We start to pull a loop from the armpit 
dovyazav sleeve up the middle, gently descends loop, so as not to damage the board. Then, a sheet of cardboard, expand and continue dovyazyvat sleeve from the middle to the armpit and then carefully remove Catron. Only then we tied with elongated loops st b / n. And in the middle of the sleeve, I captured several (almost a motive) elongated loops one column w / o (from the middle to the middle of the motif), thus giving shape cuffs "flashlight".
Similarly, the second knit sleeve.
We turn to the neck. Here we need a smaller loop. I pulled out of the closet a suitable thin belt. Of course, there could be, and columns with a dark knit sc series, but why spoil the concept of our dresses?
The final number of gorloniny I tied "rachim step." 
As it looked in the paper:

The next stage - a drawstring at the waist. I usually related chain of three strands, with tassels on the ends.
How to brush:

The final stage - lining.
I love knitting mesh and here, too, to use it in 2 additions, that was not so transparent 
Bottom line:

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