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Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (13) (455x696, 316Kb)
Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (1) (700x517, 326Kb)Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (1) (500x500, 117Kb)Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (2) (500x500, 146Kb)Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (3) (500x500, 124Kb)Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (16) (696x463, 185Kb)
Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (17) (522x522, 172Kb)Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (18) (522x522, 208Kb)Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (19) (522x522, 175Kb)Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (8) (500x500, 170Kb)Very beautiful handbag Avoska with volumetric flowers (10) (457x700, 304Kb)


Need: beads, the size of about 2 mm (this №12po Czech standards), thread c / b №20 crochet hook 0.60
Knit crochet handbag with beads conveniently circular columns.
First beaded portion of the conceived images should be in a knitting thread. For a set of beads I use a thin bead needle with a loop of thin nylon thread. The length of thread is threaded into the needle ends towards each other. The resulting loop is charged with knitting thread. Beads typed needle is shifted by a thin thread, and then to the knitting.

So as not to make a mistake when typing pattern, I pasted under the dialed number stickers for notes. They are easy to come off and glue under the next row.

After each dialed a number I strung pieces of tissue paper. They help me a lot to check the correctness of the set and then the correctness of knitting. If a set of beads is repeated twice (or more), enclose scored sections to the first, so it is more convenient to catch the error.

All beads for bags gain is not necessary. On the skein of thread may be accidentally node and then the beads will have to perenabirat. I usually type 5 to 10 rows (depending on the width of the bags and the mood), provyazyvayu them, cut off the thread, dial a new batch of beads, tie a string to work and continue to knit, etc.

There are two options provyazyvaniya column beads, although seemingly a column even in Africa bar. The difference is that, at some stage provyazyvaniya column include work beads.

Consider first the way that is common in the Russian-language Internet and bead Russian literature, for example in the book "BEADS" T.A.Kanurskoy and L.A.Markman.
Bead leans close to the hook loop, and then provyazyvaem column - enter the hook under both loops slices, grab a thread of beads and take out the loop on the hook, on the hook to get two hinges, grab the thread again and provyazyvaem in two loops on the hook.

In the English literature and English language Internet, for example Ann Benson df
discloses another method, beads included in the web loops medzhu column - introduce the hook into both segments loops grab and pull out the thread loop on the hook, the hook It got two loops, then only moves a bead is captured by a string of beads and provyazyvaetsya in two loops on the hook.

When I was knitting patterns in these two ways, it seemed to me that the painting looks exactly the same, only the beads are deployed in different directions. I was comfortable knit English description of all its previous handbags I was knitting through it (with beads between the loops of the bar).

It would seem, then why I've been telling you about the two ways we could have done a description of my favorite "English" ... but experience shows that sometimes we in the same work very much needed both ways, for example by knitting a so-called open or a flat sheet (i.e., when the knit is not a circle, and in both directions).

In literature and on the Internet I read that the flat web can be knit picking up beads for each row separately - knit a row, cut the thread, attach a new thread with beads to get started on the right, a number of knit again, cut the thread, and so for each row.
But you can thread after each row and not cut. One way to knit as usual (by introducing the hook by himself), in the other side of the canvas to expand the beads themselves and knit by introducing the hook.
I have an album on the "family" is a step by step description with pictures
when knitting flat sheet knit one row at a time as usual (as we knit in a circle), and beads on the back side away from you, and the next series of fabric knitting with beads, expand the party to themselves. Beads provyazyvaetsya columns - the hook is inserted under two segments loop of the previous row, captured a string and pulled the loop on the hook, the hook is now two loops, then look next picture
The second step - to move up the bead, grab a thread and dragged her into both loops on the hook. So provyazyvaem all odd numbers.
inverse series, we expand the beads to the web itself and introduce hook sszadi advance at the left of the beads in the loop of the previous row (for both loops walls), grab and pull out the thread loop on the hook
on the hook now has two loops
moves a bead, grab her provyazyvaem thread and two loops on hook
so we continue to knit to end of row, then again razvernom cloth beaded by herself ...
This method is sometimes called the "rachim step", though the name seems to me not entirely successful. The Knitting "rachim step" refers to knitting from left to right, when the edge of the cover sheet. In our case, knitting goes from right to left (as usual crochet from himself), only the canvas deployed to our party with beads. If we draw an analogy with the knitting - it is the right and wrong side.
I would predlozhina side with beads called front and side without beads wrong. Then the usual crochet with beads in a circle - it will be on the wrong side of knitting and purl rows (side facing us without beads). Knitting is a hook on itself - it is knitting the front side or facial ranks.
If the knit and purl rows facial in the same way, the vertical line is wavy pattern, as in a number of beads is tilted to the right, the next left. To deal with this "trouble" in all known sources advised me only by cutting the thread after provyazyvaniya each row, so manage to knit in the same direction.

One day I came up with a simple idea! Knit purl rows (a hook by himself) "Russian" way, and facial ranks of the "English". If you remember, I said that in my samples, these methods differ only in appearance slope beads. This is the slope of us and we had to change through a series.

To test the hypothesis, I tied the beginning of "the old" bag of two flat parts. Everything turned out fine. In backstitches series I introduced pearls before provyazyvaniya column, and personal - between the loops of the column. So it seemed convenient. Although now I have knitted the contrary, then I will tell why. Here is the result on the picture.

Beads in each row deployed in the same direction, on the wrong side photo shows that all without cheating, a thread after each row is not cut off :-)

Then I continued to knit purse already on a circle by stitching two bottoms.

If knit with beads along the rim of the spiral (as thick tow), each pattern in the next row is shifted by half step. Knitting plain or with a pattern of continuous strip running in a circle, this offset does not interfere. If we want to get the picture, where the beads in rows positioned exactly one above the other, each row of knitting is necessary to finish the connecting column (it is called polustolbikom)

then knit air loop for lifting

and only then begin to knit the next row. The first column of a new row provyazyvaetsya in exactly the same loop in which we provyazyvali connecting column to end the series

Since I was knitting purl rows at the beginning of "the old" bag of Russian description (with beads in front of the bar), and then continued to knit in a circle .. . and then a series on the 10th I notice that the pattern "collapses" in the quiet side. The more rows I provyazyvala, the stronger the "obstruction" to view, though did like the right thing - to finish a series of connecting column and provyazyvala Air. loop for lifting ... I'm a little the distance, it was a pity many hours of work. If pattern in the bag evenly around the circle, then maybe I would have left everything, then the slope of the eye would not be rushed strongly. But I planned flowers in the middle of the bag. Mogdy long time to understand that I do not like knitting as always, and then realized ... I usually knit "English" way, and now the "Russian". Then I tried the top ranks in the bag with beads knit loops between the column and ryadochki rovnenko lined up, as if on parade, without any inclination. For me it was a surprise. Here's how it looked from the ugliness of the face and the reverse side Besides the dam pattern in the middle of the bag, and even move from one row to be seen was stronger than usual, it had to "decorate" the seam - sew on it a number of beads. Then I moistened knitting and tried to pull the trailing portion of the bag a little "veritikalney" cemented in this position with pins on cork board and dried. In the next photo view of the side of purse - an amended version of Live and learn ... It turns out on samples of a few rows of tall is not everything can be seen and I casually looked :-( In the next bag, if will have to knit a flat area, try to knit purl rows by eng. description, a face of Russian. If we are really uncomfortable to be, it is possible in the flat part of the drill beads in the other direction, I think, too, can be "acceptable." Who mastered the "War and Peace", congratulations! There will be questions (I can I forgot or missed), sprashivayt e.   Source

On the question of how such bags were worn in ancient times, there is a wonderful picture on a Dutch website there is a woman in the bed gowns with beaded handbags on belts (about halfway down the page)
I do on myself sfotkala husband really commented that it is necessary was too old to wear a dress, but I was too lazy, period costume on me Doris themselves in imagination :-)

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Now, about the sequence of knitting. I start with a skirt, alternating colors. Brown that lighter - narrow strips, dark brown - the series of elongated loops.
Here is a diagram on the skirt is clear enough (the main thing that a good picture is increased)

Long knit loops in the yarn 2 on this principle 
Only I do not throw on the line, and on the plug, so you can knit round.
And I threw them only if they are already "connected" near the top of columns w / n.

Knit skirt and so finished it, I sheathed the middle of a stamp of each motif with dark brown thread, to avoid obvious "chunk light" dresses.
Next I moved on to the sleeve. He tied it with the same first row, like a skirt as well and will be bound with a collar.
Then I cut out of cardboard I needed form of sleeves and mark on it the number of future elongated loops (up to the middle of the sleeve). Then scissors notched top of each tag to loop does not slip on the cardboard, and clung to the serifs.

We start to pull a loop from the armpit 
dovyazav sleeve up the middle, gently descends loop, so as not to damage the board. Then, a sheet of cardboard, expand and continue dovyazyvat sleeve from the middle to the armpit and then carefully remove Catron. Only then we tied with elongated loops st b / n. And in the middle of the sleeve, I captured several (almost a motive) elongated loops one column w / o (from the middle to the middle of the motif), thus giving shape cuffs "flashlight".
Similarly, the second knit sleeve.
We turn to the neck. Here we need a smaller loop. I pulled out of the closet a suitable thin belt. Of course, there could be, and columns with a dark knit sc series, but why spoil the concept of our dresses?
The final number of gorloniny I tied "rachim step." 
As it looked in the paper:

The next stage - a drawstring at the waist. I usually related chain of three strands, with tassels on the ends.
How to brush:

The final stage - lining.
I love knitting mesh and here, too, to use it in 2 additions, that was not so transparent 
Bottom line: