Friday, January 6, 2017


Using this technique for openwork crochet polotna- can be very stylish tie wire frame lampshade.

Probably many familiar easy decor fabric lampshades. it is a lamp shade, and we learn how to make a stylish

Free the framework of the fabric and start under girding his hook with thread selected key.

Once you tie all of the lower wire, begin to crochet from dialed loops beautiful wavy blade.

This is certainly not the only option bundling lampshades. see more beautiful ideas overhead bundles.
And you can fasten the wire frame is not the whole canvas and knit sheathing napkins.

To create the shade you need: children's ball or a round balloon, of course a lot of your knitted napkins, thread, petroleum jelly, starch and construction PVA glue.

Sheathe ball knitted napkins. It can be up to half sheathe napkins two goals, then to sew at the ball together, giving the shape of the ball.

The ball is suspended and evenly rubbed with petroleum jelly or fat cream. Under it podstelil tape to glue dripping from it did not spoil the furniture or the floor, over which he will hang.

Napkins impregnated first themselves, and then put on the ball and stitched again - for the strength of the spherical shape. They coat with a durable construction with white glue or a strong solution of starch mixed with PVA glue. let the solution dry for days.
The shape of the lampshade can be different, it all depends on your imagination. You can even try using colored napkins, but we must be careful with the selection of colors, so as not to make it too cock.
Lamp of napkins

how to make a chandelier of napkins
For me, it is better to look plain.

Light lace

chandelier napkins
But it may be a combination of two keys, but different shades.

Or at least well-combined colors,

chandelier napkins

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