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Yubochka dresses for newborns The 
skirt is knitted inseparably from the coquette, as its sequel. See the picture. The sequence is from the top down: the 

    row into which the ribbon is drawn a 
    row of columns without the crochet (sb) 
    series - * csn from sbn, 2 cd, csn from the same sb, skip 2 sb, repeat from * 
    row - into the arched 2 gn * ssn, 2 in, 2 csn), in the next arche from 2 vp repeat from *
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Rose Arrangement:
4192606_Shema_rozovoi_otdelki (568x467, 66Kb)
Remove the dimensions from the baby's head, respectively. The visor is crocheted with columns with a crochet, and the back part - the back of the head - can be the same pattern as the skirt or also the columns with the crochet.

4192606_Chepchik (700x527, 40Kb)

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