Sunday, January 1, 2017


 (389x500, 43Kb)

 (520x500, 49Kb)

 (321x500, 27Kb)2. Sprig. 
Size: 44 - 46 
Threads: cotton, 5 balls for 100 gr. 
###Double crochet – American version (the Column with nakida)###
###column without nakida. It’s called American single crochet###
VP - Air loop 
sc - bar without nakida 
SS - connecting column 
2 sc together - decrease RLS

The sequence of work
I knit daisies. The last series in circuit interconnects.
I make circles of daisies with a cut to the throat. In the right places knit only half the flower. When it is connected flirt, tied with a full range of chain of 6 air loop 4 times.
Now knit daisies along the same lines, just add another 4 rows chain of 6 air loop. From such motives I do circle, tying them to the yoke.
Then tied chain of 6 air loop and between the motifs of leaves daisies pattern "twig". Knit 4 rows so on chains between the branches do chamomile of 5 petals. At the end of the 5 petals vyvyazyvayut 3. The last number - columns without nakida around the circle.
Neck tied so: a chain of 5 stitches, bars without nakida under the chain and on the bars alternating with "pico".

 (500x437, 93Kb)

 (278x500, 23Kb)

133I54Q0-1 (407x496, 80Kb)
133I52407-0 (409x501, 75Kb)
133I5N57-2 (440x517, 84Kb)
133I532I-3 (600x600, 115Kb)
133I53N7-6 (367x431, 63Kb)
133I564V-4 (640x480, 83Kb)
133I51391-5 (463x433, 67Kb)
133I53092-12 (635x618, 114Kb)




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