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 Beautiful skirt 

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IMG0023JPG_3729922_5112986 (700x525, 65Kb)Knit crochet skirt with sewn snake "lightning" on the side ..
Threads - Mahi, 300 g
knit pattern, for example, is 29 and CH 15 p in a piece of 10x10 cm For example, we have the waist 70 cm, hips -. 100 cm. . The average length between the waist line and the thighs approximately 16-18 cm

when volume waist 70cm knitting density at said sample obtain 29h70 10 = 203SN
when thighs volume of 100 cm we need 290SN, ie. 29h100: 10 = 290.
Suppose we plan to skirt divided into 6 sectors. Rounding the figures, to be a multiple of 6.
203: 6 = 33.8 = 34SN in one sector;
290: 6 = 48.3 48 = CH in one sector, 288SN.
The difference -. 14 cm So, over 18 cm from the waist to the hip line in each sector we need to add on 14SN - 7 on the left and right in each sector.
When the density of the work 15 rows = 10 cm believe that we need to knit 15h18: 10 = 27 rows. Those. for the 27 series of work we need to add uniformly over 7CH.
We add every 4th row work.
So, we collect free chain of 204SN + 3 v.p.podoma, splitting into 6 sectors (34 CH in the same sector) and 18 cm knit operation, at the sector boundary provyazyvaya on 2CH every 4th row work.
Attention! To strictly CH located one above the other, the hook does not stick to the vertex CH bottom row and in a horizontal lobe thread. Tip for beginners: try to knit on a thick thread and with a thick hook - then you clearly see the bump

1jpg663322_2830676_4586014 (700x347, 43Kb)of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd series - 204 CH;
The 4th series - (+ 2CH 2CH 32SN +) - 6raz 216 CH
8th row - (+ 2CH 2CH 34SN +) - 6raz, 228SN;
12p. - (+ 2CH 2CH 36SN +) - 6 times, 240SN;
16p. - (+ 2CH 2CH 38SN +) - 6 times 252 CH
20p. - (+ 2CH 2CH 40SN +) - 6 times, 264SN;
24p. - (+ 2CH 2CH 42SN +) - 6raz, 274 CH,
28R. - (+ 2CH 2CH 44SN +) - 6 times 288 CH.
IMG0015JPG_5755544_5112844 (700x525, 80Kb)Knit long coquette closable series for circular knitting, then knit circle.

Depending on how long you want to knit a "sharp" corners CH, calculate how often start to do ubavki into wedges.
I did ubavki, provyazyvaya on 2CH with a common vertex wedges on the boundaries in every other row of work. Separable insert wedges between the selected sector pattern napkins. In my case, these options napkins were used:
OndoriClas_1478861_5112941 (567x700, 34Kb)
OndoriClas_9901008_5112947 (567x700, 37Kb)
OndoriClas_6571803_5112969 (567x700, 47Kb)


Skirt hook (537x700, 308Kb)

Pattern skirt (449x643, 38Kb)

Scheme-knitting-lace (451x700, 210Kb)

skhema22 (364x251, 14Kb)

A circuit (364x251, 19Kb)

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