Wednesday, March 29, 2017


We present you another subspecies of the narrow lobe kanzashi - inverted tab. It is understandable why it is so called because it really is upside down.  
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"What we need for the inverted tab: square fabric, tweezers, scissors, and a lighter: 

Our favorite square folded in half: 

Once again half: 

And again in half, forming  a narrow petal : 

Petal Base little pruning, you can rovnenko, and can be angled : 

Hold the tweezers base, opal, simultaneously soldering both edges of the petal: 

petal turn here is the inner side:. 

and here is the tab "

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Master Class MK How to make gum on the lace (author MaMaOl)

Many kanzashi we do to little girls. And if you add to kanzashi lace ... How to do it? In order not to reinvent the wheel, look at a master class from Olga Abinovoy (MaMaOl). 

"As promised, I show how to make the gum on the lace. 

Cut the lace around 25-26 cm: 

Putting on a thread: 

This is how to get the look side: 

out of the corner I glue glue" Moment "-gel, you need direct droplet: 

And sew gum: 

Here so !!!!! 

and stick a piece of tape and start making flower !!!!! 

by the way, if the box is put like this: 
factory edge of the side and cut the bottom, the sharp petal turn rovnenky other petals on the basis of sharp little!. 
and if Conversely, the bottom edge of the factory, and the cut side, then the round will lepestochek ! rovnenko and krasivenkim INFO for beginners !!!!! 

voila !!!!! 

Side View "

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