Monday, March 20, 2017


x291608075873996387 (509x700, 282Kb)
reloj (556x700, 396Kb)
So watch schemes and creates his own hands for the beauty and warmth in the house. And yet, the sea is very good models of a hook, you will find the blog "Knit yourself." Knitted women's and men's clothes, knitted hats, toys,  crochet  children, knitting fur - in catalog blog a huge number of new ideas with a detailed description and clear diagrams. Knit with pleasure!
crocheted flowers on a hat +

reloj1 (473x700, 267Kb)
004 (378x300, 20Kb)

004a (700x577, 47Kb)

8 (549x700, 301Kb)

8a (404x700, 180Kb)

30 (522x700, 121Kb)

30a (507x700, 101Kb)

126382264544893489 (509x700, 266Kb)

288793326107028260 (509x700, 199Kb)

304274449826429579 (509x700, 213Kb)

578994027094233095 (533x700, 420Kb)

605171199928333467 (473x700, 217Kb)

626281823182144853 (490x700, 205Kb)

747034588190862669 (673x700, 417Kb)

763641611816794377 (700x585, 111Kb)

814588582601855731 (516x700, 349Kb)

caminho01 [3] (543x700, 397Kb)
caminho02 [2] (700x639, 288Kb)
caminho03 [2] (700x610, 169Kb)

CMesaOvalFG (700x510, 119Kb)

CMesaOvalFT (511x700, 384Kb)

Quadrada + geometrica (552x700, 296Kb)

Quadrada + geometrica + foto (333x393, 51Kb)

r20 (550x700, 282Kb)

r32 (591x700, 415Kb)

Trabalhos em Barbante No [1].  13 Pag 003 (625x700, 331Kb)

Trabalhos em Barbante No [1].  13 Pag 015 (537x700, 217Kb)

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