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u (470x418, 101Kb)

So, the holidays can be, and are not as common as one might think, but look at them with dignity, in a case, even easier. There is a time to prepare the appropriate attire and accessories. By the way, it is the latter play an important role in the creation of the image. Continue to fill the box with ornaments, and on the agenda of weaving scheme and the master class, which will create an elegant necklace and bracelet of beads.

Time: 6 hours • Difficulty: 5/10

tool and materials


faceted beads in tone beads;

fishing line beading;

Bead needle.

Step by step instructions WEAVING

sch1 (500x375, 113Kb)

The basis of our current products will include beads and here are small beads with facets.

sch2 (500x375, 80Kb)

STEP 1: forming the first crosses

to start from the roll of fishing line is not too long section to weave it easier, and strung him 4 beads. All this is placed in the center, and both tail put on the fishing line on the needle. Now the last bead passing the second needle towards the first. We form familiar to us cross.

sch3 (500x375, 61Kb)
sch4 (500x375, 56Kb)

STEP 2: make a loop

on each of the tails of fishing line strung 10 beads and cross our needles in one bead, strung behind. Tighten the needle. It turns out a cross with a loop.

sch5 (500x375, 75Kb)
sch6 (500x375, 73Kb)

Then again, strung on each of tails on one bead and cross them in the third. Thus we have two crosses, one with a loop side thereof, the other with the opposite.

sch7 (500x375, 79Kb)
sch8 (350x490, 57Kb)

STEP 3: Beads strung

Forming another such loop with a cross on the end and send the needle to the extreme bead, ie the side. And so on until the product reaches the required length. So we try on.

Then strung on one thread only, in this case the right, 2 glass beads and cross our two threads in the third bead. It turns out that we are going in the opposite direction.

sch9 (500x375, 82Kb)
sch10 (500x375, 86Kb)

STEP 4: PLETЁM desired length

string for each string of 10 beads. We crossed again in the bead needle. Now, the left tail ship in extreme bead cross from the first row. And the string on the right tail of one bead and cross our two new bead. And so the next row is formed.

sch11 (500x375, 73Kb)
sch12 (500x375, 77Kb)

We continue to weave so until the end of the series. If you want to make a bracelet or a necklace, the number of rows can be increased at will.

sch13 (500x375, 83Kb)

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