Sunday, January 22, 2017


151030222813 (700x541, 279Kb)

To create it, we need:
  • Hook №2;
  • yarn remnants YarnArt Begonia blue;
  • YarnArt Violet cream or white, green melange;
  • satin ribbon cream;
  • beads of cream and white flowers;
  • cardboard cylinder (base yarn bobbins Maxi);
  • circle of cardboard (to make the bottom of a glass).
Schemes circle and flower attached.
The color scheme for his glass can pick up on your own. 

crochet, knitted cover

Now I will describe the process:
1. Make a glass bottom - glue the cardboard circle to the cylinder.

glass for pencils, knitted cover for the cup

2. Now proceed directly to the knitting.
Knit circle of diameter equal to the glass bottom. It is 8.5 cm - 5 rows knit CLOs, the 6th series of knit sc - knit all rows with uniform increments.

glass for hooks

3. When the circle is ready, then knit without of increases - 2 rows knit all CCH, 3rd row - alternate 2ssn, 2Bn and thus knit 9 rows. The following 2 rows knit again CCH.




4. Now knit the piece to be bent into the cup. Knit with ubavkami - 1st and 2nd rows - each 9 and 10 CLOs knit with a common vertex, 3rd row - every 6 and 7 PRS knit with a common vertex. All. Done.


5. Flower Knit according to the scheme in the middle of a sew beads.


6. Knit melange of green yarn circle of 4 rows of CCH. 5 In a number of petals do - * 1sbn, skip 1 column, from the CLO 1 CLO vyvyazyvayut 5, skipping the column 1 * repeat from * to *. At the end of the series - sc, cut the thread, secured and hid it.
7. Next, the assembly process - from ribbons add up bow-flower and sew it under the green circle flower. Top sew flower cream-colored beads. Now all this beauty to sew glass. That's all.


Our cup is ready. I have it is used to store hooks, and you can put a pen or pencil in it. And I'm sure he will be an excellent decoration of your desktop.

Case for glasses

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