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embroidery scheme
After the publication of the post: the Petit Point - elegant embroidery handmade  many want to sew their own hands something similar, but not enough schemes. 
On the Internet there was a collection of old French and Dutch schemes for cross stitch. This floral, herbal, botanical and scenic animalistic motifs, ornaments in the rococo style, ancient landscapes and pastoral scenes depicting the life of the people. Hoping it will be interesting.
cross stitch scheme
Many of the patterns that are presented here are known as Petit Point. 
Petite translated from French means "small, small". Hence comes the name of Petit-point stitch (petite-point) and Petite-Stitch (petite-stitch).
Petite-point - a small polukrestik. Sewed it as a normal half-cross: on the wrong side seams - vertical, or gobelin stitch (on the wrong side seams are located on the diagonal).
Petite-stitch - is a small cross, a quarter of the size of the main cross. Bmesto one standard cross stitch four small.
The work performed in this technique are very popular in the online stores needlewomen .
Petite stitches used in embroidery to embroider the picture looked more detail, more natural. In this way basically faces sewn to be more smooth and realistic transition colors. In addition, the petit-point and / or petit-Stitch is used when you want to emphasize the roundness of some details in embroidery.
The works in this technique are often based on the magnificent paintings of the old masters of the Dutch or the French school of painting Rococo or Romanticism era. Figure tolerated finest brush and paints on lined paper in a cell so that each shaded square represents one stitch Petit Point certain color. The mere production of such a sample - painstaking work that requires a good sense of color and form.
hand embroidery
Selection of colors - perfect shade of yarn selected from approximately 400 colors available to the embroiderers. Particular attention is drawn to the fact that when comparing close stitches achieved harmony of color and relief that particularly distinguishes authentic Petit Point embroidery.
How to embroider - as a basis applies only the finest silk mesh (rather than cotton or canvas stramin), which is not applied to any pattern or trace (guide) strand. Doing every stitch embroiderer cells should be considered on the original hand-painted paper to accurately transfer the pattern on the grid. Tiny stitches are sewn in the technique half-cross and often with a magnifying glass. Petit Point embroidery has from 11 to 22 stitches (dots) per linear centimeter, thus in one square centimeter contains from 121 to 484 stitches (or from 780 to 3122 stitches per square inch). This is a miniature equipment.
On the catwalks around the world demonstrate the chic clothes embroidered patterns. Very popular and love now enjoys embroidery and Russia. And very glad that all man-made it is now is very appreciated, and embroidery tradition renewed!
petit point
These schemes will inspire you to create new masterpieces. They can be applied not only to cross stitch, but also beads, and how to create drawings in jacquard knitwear, to create tapestries, mosaics.
Create with pleasure!
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