Sunday, December 25, 2016



Beaded roses
To produce a small bouquet of roses, we need:
  • Beads dark pink
  • Beads Light Pink
  • Beads green
  • Needles for stringing beads
  • Thin wire
Bead rose weaving scheme
According to the scheme (figure 1) weave 5 large petals on the scheme (pic2) - six petals smaller, using two shades of pink beads. Then do midway workpiece, the wire end beads skip through the penultimate series so that both ends of the wire were woven on one side.Then fold the petals into a tube starting from the first row to the last. Wire propletem between rows, thus locking tab in that position, as he is - collapsed.

Now you need to weave sepal, which is executed in the technique of parallel braiding of green beads, cup and leaves. We collect items together. By the middle, - petal, rolled into a tube, attached at the 5-6 small and large petals, while evenly distributing them around the very midway. Under the bottom petals will place another 5 sepals. Insert stem of a flower in a tube - a cup, and twist the wire underneath. Next, attach the leaves. 

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