Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Window curtains with Velcro !

We need:

rep tape, 
ruler and pencil.
4121583_160729124504243eb263916d5d8a5e47a8a5975b4bc0 (700x525, 267Kb)
We measure the height and length of the window.
4121583_1 (700x525, 268Kb)
A window will be on top of glue Velcro with spikes (as pictured). It is very important. When washing curtains will puffs on the fabric.
4121583_2 (700x525, 101Kb)
Grease Velcro back glue and glue in the plastic on the window. If you are afraid of glue on plastic, Velcro can be pasted on the double-sided tape, but the curtains should be light.
4121583_3 (700x525, 206Kb)
Raskraivajut curtain considering seam allowance. We sew curtains on the soft part of the Velcro.
4121583_4 (700x525, 222Kb)
In the window that opens on the airing, I glue and Velcro top and bottom as well and sew Velcro soft part and the top and bottom. And in the window that does not open on ventilation, I glue and sew the Velcro only from above. The bottom of the curtain, I sews a seam of 5 cm. Seam-through do.
4121583_5 (700x525, 316Kb)

It is worth paying attention to the side seams of curtains, or rather their absence. I take a cobweb, turn iron and solder marginalia. This further gives rigidity to the sides, and the curtain will hang straighter. 

Soldered iron for the first time.
4121583_6 (700x525, 263Kb)
Bends a second time and again soldered iron.
4121583_7 (700x525, 268Kb)
It turns a neat side-curtain.
4121583_8 (700x525, 295Kb)
We hang the curtain at the window.
4121583_9 (700x525, 141Kb)
Down in the middle of the seam insert planochki. Curtains hang careful. In the photo inserted line.
4121583_10 (700x525, 161Kb)
Who then plans to raise the curtain, that is to sew the top of the rep tape on the front and on the reverse side. .
4121583_11 (700x525, 176Kb)
Tucked below the shutter rolls and tied bows.
4121583_12 (700x525, 187Kb)

13 (700x525, 174Kb)

14 (700x525, 223Kb)

15 (700x525, 269Kb)

16 (700x525, 225Kb)

18 (700x525, 221Kb)

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