Thursday, November 17, 2016


Embroider need a special needle with a blunt tip and a sufficiently large eye that held the thread. The embroidery on jersey is not taken to fix the thread bundle. It is enough to make 2-3 stitches in one place on the web, and the end of the season with a hook on the reverse side of the web.

Types of joints
chain stitch forms a loop line of the contour or filling. Bring the needle and enter * it back, where it has just been published. Having a small stitch, pull the needle (thread under the needle). Repeat from *.
Seam loop couched stitch technique creates floral pattern. Place the thread loop. Insert the needle to the starting point and bring it from the tip of the loop in one motion. Attach a short loop stitch. Similarly, do the following loop.
Satin stitch - perfect filling seam. Be careful not to pull too stitches. Bring the needle with one hand and insert it into a corner, covering the desired space in one motion. Repeat this step.
The French knot is designed for processing color core. Bring the needle, wrap the yarn around the tip once or twice, pulling it tight. Insert the needle again in the very near the place, so far as the thread.
Embroidery "Rococo" is similar to the French knots. Bring the needle, make a stitch "back needle", leaving the needle in the fabric, thread obveyte its end and pull through the turns. Of injection needle near the place where she went, and pull the thread on the underside.
The seam "loop" covers the knitted fabric. Bring the needle out of the loop base. Insert the needle under both loops on the wall above a row and drag through them. Insert the needle back into the base of the bottom hinge and display of the next loop center in one motion, as shown in the figure.





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