Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bright colored blanket of hexagonal motifs.

n1 (700x442, 241Kb)
Bright colored coverlet consists of a hexagonal crocheted motifs connected to a single canvas. Such colored rug to complement your interior, it can be used for a child's room, a catchy graphic motifs attracts attention. 
The original pattern of hexagonal motif emerges in the process of knitting by a color change of the working yarn, formed flower enclosed in a six-pointed star in the center. Bedspread bound about in a circle with two rows of columns and a number of tapes of conversations stitches with volume knobs. 
n2 (700x377, 157Kb)

n3 (700x533, 254Kb)

A4 (568x480, 135Kb)
A5 (572x480, 124Kb)

A6 (605x480, 137Kb)
n7 (507x480, 156Kb)

P9 (568x480, 158Kb)

P10 (568x480, 153Kb)

P11 (541x480, 151Kb)

P12 (640x390, 146Kb)
P13 (544x480, 169Kb)

P14 (556x480, 182Kb)

P15 (640x433, 170Kb)

P16 (578x480, 180Kb)

paragraph 18 (491x700, 179Kb)
p19 (440x475, 95Kb)

P20 (700x485, 122Kb)
p21 (700x554, 179Kb)

Plaid of crocheted flowers

Plaid of crocheted flowers crochet scheme

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