Sunday, October 23, 2016


R'RμR · C <(433x700, 256Kb)


Bust: 72cm

Length: 42 cm


Yarn Pierrot Yarns Sawayaka Cotton (100% cotton, 100 g / 380 m), 2 skeins of orange, hook 2.5 mm and 3 mm

The density of knitting

Hook 3 mm. 29 and p = 9.5 laps 10x10 cm

Hook 2.5 mm. 31 and p = 10.5 laps 10x10 cm


Assign 5 separate quilling scheme, knit ruffles around. Please note that 2 ruffles crochet 3 mm and 3 ruffles hook 2.5mm. Then dial 224 vozd.p. Knitting main parts connect in a circle and vyazyat scheme. After that, you need to connect the previously connected ruffles and basic detail, as shown in the diagram. Run the lower edge on the circuit and tie neckline and sleeves Art. b / n.

4U6Dc6HFdLQ (700x441, 130Kb)

i1orateEQEY (700x437, 268Kb)

T28cVXH1cac (700x404, 146Kb)



IMG_6033 (700x615, 199Kb)

IMG_6033 (700x615, 671Kb)

IMG_6034 (700x466, 512Kb)

IMG_6035 (700x466, 434Kb)

IMG_6036 (700x466, 435Kb)

IMG_6038 (700x633, 473Kb)

IMG_6040 (700x396, 393Kb)

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