Sunday, October 23, 2016


Boots, ugg crochet kids / 4683827_20131009_093521 (700x526, 108Kb)
4683827_20131009_093130 (700x488, 90Kb)4683827_20131009_093148 (700x512, 102Kb)4683827_20131009_093204 (700x400, 78Kb)4683827_20131009_093217 (591x502, 79Kb)4683827_20131009_093232 (652x527, 86Kb)
4683827_20131009_093405 (700x463, 95Kb)4683827_20131009_093347 (700x528, 101Kb)

4683827_20131009_093037 (676x531, 110Kb)


4683827_20131013_093427 (419x325, 24Kb)

0_5eeae_8f1265cf_XXXL (659x700, 256Kb)

0_5eeb3_2379359a_XXXL (659x700, 254Kb)

22 (423x700, 20Kb)
222 (471x637, 26Kb)
22222222 (591x587, 47Kb)
 (362x448, 71Kb)

you will need:

- 30 g of fine acrylic yarn pink;
- 10 g of acrylic yarn with the addition of white viscose;
- Satin Ribbon pink 5 mm;
- hook number 1.5.

image (450x242, 26Kb) (362x448, 71Kb)

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