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  I carefully sanded his preparation, and it lost its glossy appeal:
4964063_DSCN0663 (553x700, 329Kb)
Further primer. Usually, when there is no special, I use composition of PVA + white acrylic paint.  Then print the label, and pre-soaked to remove the bottom layer.
This part of the work was the most difficult for me. Uneven surface require "complex cutting". With a few "darts" in the most unexpected places, could still not spoil the work. I tried to make incisions along the pattern lines, so they are less noticeable.
Then these "darts" had escaped with  Andean sandstone.  Rummaged I in their deposits and issued the top and bottom of the jug, and also cover different types of tape and cord. In addition to the cover was first pasted thin plastic mesh, cut around the circumference (usually a mesh made ​​washcloths and shower), and only then all the other parts. It turned out fun! 
4964063_DSCN1190 (506x700, 316Kb)
4964063_DSCN1195 (598x700, 400Kb)
Unfortunately, the photo is not very high quality, (bring it for an apology) so bad mesh is visible. It will be better visible on the finished work. Clay, which was used in this case, I can not recommend, sorry, do not remember the trite.  The following are all to a common denominator - we paint all the paint product to match the background of our image:
4964063_DSCN1203 (469x700, 295Kb)
It is time to do decoration of the jug handles.
Plastic mesh for some reason did not want to be glued to it, and I do not come up with anything better than to put on the filler knob and using all the same grid to put it on the invoice. 
Top, bottom, handle and lid carefully painted jug first ordinary brown paint, and then a series of bronze IDEA PATINA № 475.
It was so reliable, so not anywhere shone bright paint background jug.
This should be done very carefully, because it seems like you're all done gently, but suddenly found the white-spots neprokrasy ... and where they are taken only after drying!
4964063_DSCN1223_2 (547x700, 259Kb)
Further planned chemical patina number 712. But I do not like the result. it seemed too bright color, and somehow it was too much ......
All washed and used acrylic paints. Paint on the brush, trying to paint fell into the  recess. Where it was necessary, he cleaned the excess paint with a soft cloth. The result you see:
4964063_DSCN1329 (493x700, 255Kb)
Further intermediate picture did not. When it comes to podrisovki, I remind myself of Baron Munchausen, who pulls himself out of the swamp by the hair. I just pull myself to paint.
Terribly afraid of this process and also scared of his love. There's nothing I can not explain how I do it, just paint on, hide flaws "cutting" in some places continue drawing. I do everything and brush and sponge, and fingers. We cover all the varnish - acrylic pitcher himself - a brush and embossed details with patina -. Spray paint Now turn cracelures. I used Maimeri 688 (Vanilla method). 

Overwrites bold shadows. Top  covered with polyurethane varnish.
4964063_5_DSCN0141 (524x700, 342Kb)
Nosegay on the handle of the jug fashioned from self-hardening mass DAS molded for the first time, and it seemed to me that this is not a good weight for sculpting fine, but the other was not. Flowers stuff is made, carefully painted with bronze paint IDEA PATINA № 475, corsage formed and glued with a hot gun on the handle of the jug.  It seems everything.

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Works of masters:
10.02.16 Black-and-white jug (2) -1 (450x600, 289Kb)

10.02.16 Black-and-white jug (5) -1 (450x600, 264Kb)

10.02.16 Black-and-white jug (6) -1 (600x450, 194Kb)

DSCF6368-U-MF3 (316x600, 212Kb)

DSCF6373-In (450x600, 256Kb)

DSCF7840-In (396x600, 311Kb)
DSCF7897-In (600x559, 248Kb)

DSCF8044-In (431x600, 207Kb)
DSCN0016 (479x700, 350Kb)

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ADSCF7363 (336x600, 277Kb)

Copy of DSCF6388-U-MF4 (450x600, 267Kb)
4964063_ (450x600, 200Kb)

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