Friday, August 19, 2016


Plaid knitted from crumbs from Nazar (green) 2 packages. Original from the Internet

Plaid "Mommy's sweetheart"

2962355e (700x525, 296Kb) 

2973c515 (700x525, 284Kb) 
299438cc (700x525, 319Kb) 
29a54e0c (700x525, 273Kb) 
VFL.RU - your photo hosting

VFL.RU - your photo hosting

In the corners sewn on bows, fasten buttons flowers. 
All plaid ready. 
Hopefully girlfriend will be satisfied, and most importantly, the baby grow up healthy and happy, to the delight of your loved ones! 5. 6. 7. 8. The basic pattern: 

29bf782c (700x525, 307Kb) 

29cb947a (700x525, 290Kb) 

29e3a5d1 (700x525, 360Kb) 

3124af79 (700x525, 348Kb) 

9. threads that knit. 10. Baby Soft paketiran and waiting for your little sweetheart, to be born one of these days.
312f7ace (700x525, 330Kb) 

313b08e8 (700x525, 272Kb)

3a212830 (700x525, 314Kb)

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