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3937411_m_0091e1469265761705 (537x700, 120Kb)
Dimensions: 36/38 (44/46)
you will need
Yarn (75% cotton, 25% rayon; 110 m / z 50) - 200 (250) g ​​col. Lavender, 150 (200) g of blue-gray and silver-gray, 100 g of pink.
Hook number 6.5.
Flower: pink thread perform a chain of four ce and to close it in the ring with 1 comp. Art. Knit acc. Scheme knitting pattern crochet 1 circular rows. Each circular row start working acc. color sequence of the new thread, acc. scheme to start from the initial CP instead of the 1st and end loop 1 comp. Art. the last initial ce Run 1 time 1-4 second circular rows, with Art. 2 / n 4th circular series to perform between the groups Art. s / n 2 th row circular.
1/2 Flower: knit, like a flower, but acc. knitting pattern crochet pattern 2, and after the initial chain knit rows in the forward and backward direction.
The sequence of colors: 1 circular row of pink, gray and blue, color. lavender and silver-gray thread.
The density of knitting: flower = 8,5 cm from edge to edge and 10 cm from the top to the top.
Dimensions on the pattern partially obtained in the measurement of the original model. As a result of combining the elements may be varied dimensions.
Warning: top single knit cloth with side and shoulder seams.
3937411_triruki2016072323_1 (700x422, 94Kb)
Description stamp knitting 
Run 76 (96) and as many as 4 (6) halves of flowers, while starting from the 2nd motif, connect them acc. the pattern (black and blue or black outlines) with Ser. Art. at the points marked by arrows in the diagrams.

5320643_hYF0uZQgLpE (544x700, 93Kb)

5320643_QJMVFyFX5yE (547x700, 141Kb)


3937385_b2833124a6f7a5bde3f66bb340b2bdf9 (521x700, 280Kb)

This model is linked from uneven spun yarn from flax and cotton mesh pattern, which allows the body to breathe.


36/38 (40/42) 44/46

Yarn (63% cotton, 37% flax, 90 m / z 50) - 600 (650) 700 g col. flax; №5 spokes.


The number of loops fold edge 4 + 2. Each row start and finish 1 edge. Facial series: * 1 front, 2 purl, 1 front, constantly repeat from *, purl rows: hinges on drawing.

Pattern with holes

The number of loops multiple of 4 + 2 = knit edge acc. Scheme 1. It gives facial ranks. In back stitches ranks loops] in drawing, nakida purl, 2 nakida consecutive 1st nakida ] purl 2nd nakida - purl crossed. Start with 1 edge and loops before rapport, rapport constantly repeat, finish loops after rapport and 1 edge.Constantly repeat the 1-8 th ranks.

3937385_0a356d2478d53cdfc074e48109a9938b (700x237, 88Kb)

Openwork pattern 39 LOOP

Knit acc. Scheme 2. It gives facial ranks. In backstitches ranks of all the loops and nakida provyazyvat Wrong. Run rapport 3 times and 1 times of 1-10 minutes ranks.

3937385_9590d472e956050dd99ed5ed8d8c9be3 (700x210, 38Kb)


Facial ranks - face loops, purl rows - purl loops.

Facial and purl rows - facial hinge.

2 rows of the front stitch,

2 rows garter st,

2 rows of the front stitch,

10 rows openwork pattern on the middle 39 loops and complement the pattern on both sides of the hinges face coats,

2 rows of the front surface of,

2 rows garter st,

2 rows of the front surface of = a total of 22 series.

36 rows of pattern with holes,

22 number of curb, while in the 1st row to the symmetry of the pattern, and add 1 loop in the last row purl again subtract

26 rows pattern with holes = total number of 84.

Addition and subtraction loop for the curb is not included in the manual and on the pattern.

19 n. X 21 p. = 10 x 10 cm

. Strap 13 n = 4 cm width.

3937385_e8d87564e31121b7bd1e2e8618f24913 (700x465, 66Kb)



Dial on the spokes 110 (118) 126 loops and straps to tie a rubber band 5 cm. Continue pattern with holes. Through 65.5 cm = 138 rows from the strip close to the shoulder bevel on both sides of 1 x 7 (8) 8 n., then every 2nd row 3 x 6 (7) 8 n. at the same time through the 67.5 cm = 142 series from the strip close to the neck average 40 n., and both sides finish separately. for rounding the inner edge to close in the next 2- m row 1 x 2 n. A 69.5 cm = 146 rows from the strip to close the remaining 8 (8) 9 n. shoulder.

Good hook

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