Monday, July 25, 2016

White Dress..... workshop

5988810_Plate__Nejnii_angel_2_1_ (640x480, 115Kb)

5988810_Plate__Nejnii_angel_1_ (640x480, 86Kb)

Master class by Irina Vorobyeva
Age - 0-6 months material- cotton 100% 400 m Hook number 1,5-2
Knit dress is very easy to start with the mouth, so we just knit one - front, back and cuffs. We start with a scheme in the photo 1.

5988810__6_ (640x480, 65Kb)

The number of loops is chosen individually, depending on the size, in my case it is 9,9, 18, 18,18, 72 total-loop.
If this is your first time dealing with this convenient - first row schedule a thread of another color that would understand where the cuffs, where the rest where the breast. I think it is the first 3-5 rows are the most difficult in the entire dress.
Knit according to the scheme 1-9 in the photo series, pictured 8 can carefully see the picture hangers, n is the same pattern for skirts, so on the shoulders we should get 3 rows shell. (Photo 3)
5988810_Plate__Nejnii_angel_10 (640x480, 145Kb)
5988810_Plate__Nejnii_angel_9 (640x480, 141Kb)
Fold the finished product form (photo 4) envisage " I continue to knit in a circle down 2 more rows. This concludes our top dress (photo 5), and we proceed to our knitting skirts (photo 6).
5988810_Plate__Nejnii_angel_7 (640x480, 116Kb)
5988810_Plate__Nejnii_angel_6 (640x480, 114Kb)
5988810_Plate__Nejnii_angel_5 (640x480, 110Kb)
Since I am bored to knit the same thing all day, I decided to diversify and time to pick up the golden thread, tie a nice little flower on his chest, tie and sew a couple of gold sequins, and of course do not forget about lentu- belt. The main thing is not to overdo it with the elements, or the entire tender will be gone, and will be "market-Station" (7 photos)
5988810_Plate__Nejnii_angel_4 (640x480, 121Kb)
We skirt knit according to the scheme in the image 8 but gradually expanding each arches, expanding on every 4th row.
5988810_Plate__Nejnii_angel_8 (640x480, 64Kb)

Good hook .........

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