Monday, July 25, 2016


Scheme crochet baby mat-sun

Scheme crochet baby mat-sun

Description of knitting

Knit 2 strands!

Crochet light brown thread to tie a chain of 67. n. and knit by the scheme 1 from the 1st to the 35th p., alternating between a thread of light brown, yellow, red and black according to the scheme 1 . Then tie the two horns of a giraffe separately on Figure 1 . The thread break. The brown thread attached to the 1st district.circuits 1 at the location shown in the diagram, and knit the body by scheme 2 from the 1st to the 36th district. Starting from the 37th each leg knit separately. Then tie the spots on the head and torso of a giraffe, changing colors and moving the thread from the inside according to Schemes 1 and 2 . The brown thread attached to the 19 th district. Scheme 2 and knit the tail on the scheme 3 from the 1st to the 8th district.

Scheme crochet baby-giraffe mat

Good hook to all those who wish to achieve!

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