Wednesday, May 4, 2016


 (595x425, 67Kb)

 you will need

 250g thin b / w thread 2-3 adding black; a little yarn finishing 3-4 colors (green, purple, mauve, purple);  crystals. (Scheme 41). Select the 4 raglan line and make them gain (Scheme 41 a). So tie base web height of 20 cm., Do 1 row of crossed bars with landing (Scheme 41 b) On the top edge. Collect strip from roses (Scheme 41), tie it around the perimeter and sew to the edge of the base web. The last row of roses make yarn main color, and the first tier rosettes with the addition  Along the lower edge of the cape nasheyte separately associated butterflies. For each butterfly tie 2 wings on schemes of 41 g and 41 g, and then two symmetrical wings. Tie the cord, which forms the body and antennae and sew it to the wings. Spread on bottom edge 7-8 moths and between them sew mesh details related scheme 41..When tying these details make the bottom edge of the cords 20 AM (on the scheme drawn only 10 IP) and return to the harness. last step" Tie the neck and sides and a row of sc.

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