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Reviewing a bunch of different motifs with stained glass patterns, I figured out a motive, from which you can link both the product as well as a decoration on a Christmas tree.
I'm knitting with thin yarn hook 1.25 motive turns slightly larger than 5 ruble coins.
First Air. lush engage loop 6 columns (column 3 nedovyazannyh single sc and 3 Sports. hinges).

crochet motif
Each arch of three abstentions. loops provyazyvaem 7 columns with 1 sc.
Find the middle (ie, the fourth column with sc and pull thread contrast).
Provyazyvaem 7 columns with sc (remains of the motive, not cut off at the same time the original black thread).
When finished making 7 columns with sc, sc do a column with a top of a lush column from the first row, and then repeat 7 columns in the middle (cm. Previous photo).
It should look like. Green thread is cut, the tail hides.
In the first column of contrast with black sc pulling a thread that is waiting for their turn for the motive, provyazyvaem 4 column, without sc, 3 air do singing again provyazyvaem 4 column, without sc. In the middle (in the fourth column from the sc you'll have 2 columns, without sc between which is just pico of 3 air loops).

Further, without sc provyazyvaem column in a column, which is the top of a lush belted column.
Motives are interconnected via pico of three air loops of the last row.

t2M9y_aZMWQ (489x700, 409Kb)
hsUDC3FNCyY (604x595, 484Kb)
0rQasL3S0Y0 (545x480, 112Kb)
4bDsf0sM4jE (500x480, 137Kb)
17CcD3n - Zk (467x304, 87Kb)
AClm3hzZdWw (597x604, 362Kb)
BbwF_CiDNVk (481x700, 321Kb)
-dPTx-FmQCk (465x700, 191Kb)
iKHkBBUjBOw (474x480, 140Kb)
-rlt27lOtjk (604x551, 269Kb)
Usvcf6cgJvE (604x399, 117Kb)
vaRnQKZMFYM (604x392, 175Kb)
VZPBZAEyeks (604x428, 199Kb)
ZzVLH703Ap4 (489x700, 412Kb)
Lacy square motif. Detailed lesson.

1408107233_motiv-kryuchkom (336x336, 43Kb)

Lacy square motif
Description crochet motif:
At the beginning of knitting motif type chain of 6 abstentions. n. and lock it in a ring. To start knitting 1st line  type 5 abstentions. lifting loops and knit the first circular row, performing 15 times in the ring alternately one item. c / 2N, 1 Sports. n., at the end of a series done by closing its Port. Art. in the last loop hike.
 In the 2nd  row  , type 2 vozd.p. lift, then knit 48 st. b / n.
 In the 3rd  circumferential row  16 times repeat 1 tbsp. s / n, 3 Sports. P.
 4th row:  knit 16 times: 4 knit together Art. c / 2N, 4 Sports. P.
In the 5th  circular p. knit in a number of Article 12. b / n and make arches, for this type of chain 11 vozd.p. and close its Port. Art. 6 th column back on the front row. Further binds formed arochki art. b / n, to make it 2 vozd.p. lifting and st.b knit 18 / n of the arches.

The 6th row  formed by four corner for receiving square-shaped motif.
To perform a quadrangular shape in the 6 th and 7 th circle, p. 5th art. s / n every 2nd arch ring 10 from Air. p. 1 and to close its comp. Art. the 1st Air. n. Then turn the canvas ring and tie it on the circuit by performing 2 Sports. n. 18 and v. b / n.

In the 7th  circular  row  tie the whole theme, carrying arches from 4 abstentions. p. 1 and Art. b / n alternately.
When connected to the web of motives in the last row of knitting arches make Port. columns in the arches under the scheme of another motive.

Lacy square motif

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