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Tatiana-Mihacheva-musor.-meshki_001 (640x480, 61Kb)

knitted bags of packages

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99428337_2 (699x524, 141Kb)
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SЃ3 (640x480, 337Kb)
Bags made of plastic bottles

sumka-iz-plastikovyh-butylok-3 (700x695, 63Kb)
sumochka-iz-plastikovyh-butylok (466x700, 31Kb)




Master class as accurately and krasivo.svyazat bag of packages

plyazhnaya_sumka1_kopiya (520x390, 79Kb)

Summer Bag linked from plastic bags. 
Three packages packaging + time and diligence, and you own a handbag. 
Hook number 5. 

plyazhnaya_sumka2 (520x390, 89Kb)

Very interested in the material of the bag is connected. 
Plastic bags - available material for knitting and very interesting. 
Things from packages obtained original and pleasant to the touch. 
Package (great for the bin) folded in half lengthwise. 

plyazhnaya_sumka3 (520x390, 46Kb)

Fold in half lengthwise. 

plyazhnaya_sumka4 (520x390, 49Kb)

Immediately 5-6 pieces can be folded pile. 

plyazhnaya_sumka5 (520x390, 36Kb)

Cut into pieces of 2.5 - 3 cm. The thinner package, the thickness can be cut. I took soft packs. 

plyazhnaya_sumka6 (520x390, 59Kb)

We cut the 

plyazhnaya_sumka7 (520x390, 54Kb)

Now straighten "yarn". 

plyazhnaya_sumka8 (520x390, 33Kb)

We connect the two parts as follows: ... 

plyazhnaya_sumka9 (520x390, 58Kb)

make a loop and knot tightened. 

plyazhnaya_sumka10 (520x390, 52Kb)

Like this. 

plyazhnaya_sumka11 (520x390, 68Kb)

So combine all straightened pieces. 

plyazhnaya_sumka12 (520x390, 56Kb)

Roll into a ball. Occupation requires time and perseverance. I am watching TV and cooking "yarn". There was nowhere to retreat, so the whole family began searching for the white bags and had a desire to associate summer handbag. 

plyazhnaya_sumka13 (520x390, 48Kb)

Screw the different glomeruli, and let's try to knit. 
For samples linked merry mat. 
Most liked to knit of soft bags. 
Heavy-duty lend themselves harder when knitting. 
Knit me bags of very much! 

plyazhnaya_sumka14 (520x390, 99Kb)

Gaining 5-6 air loops and closes the circle. 

plyazhnaya_sumka16 (520x390, 77Kb)

Then knit in a circle without nakida column, adding in a row on three hinges. 

plyazhnaya_sumka17 (520x390, 88Kb)

It turns out the cap. 

plyazhnaya_sumka19 (520x390, 71Kb)

Thus knit two hats-caps. The angle between the sides of approximately 90 °. 

plyazhnaya_sumka20 (520x390, 61Kb)

That's got two parts. Contact contrasting colors of 

plyazhnaya_sumka21 (520x390, 100Kb)

height each approximately 32 cm. 

plyazhnaya_sumka22 (520x390, 73Kb)

We embed one piece into another and sew plastic "thread". 

plyazhnaya_sumka23 (520x390, 98Kb)

To handle recruit 6-8 stitches and knit circle without nakida column. 

plyazhnaya_sumka24 (520x390, 71Kb)

Knit in a spiral. 

plyazhnaya_sumka25 (520x390, 40Kb)

Length about 40 cm. Inside necessarily put the ribbon to the handle is not stretched. 

plyazhnaya_sumka26 (520x390, 67Kb)

Sewed polyethylene "thread". 

plyazhnaya_sumka27 (520x390, 90Kb)

Decorated with flowers. At the touch bag is very pleasant and mild. 

plyazhnaya_sumka30 (520x390, 97Kb)
plyazhnaya_sumka31 (520x390, 95Kb)
mak-strana1 (520x390, 96Kb)

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