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5283370_vyazanaya_kofta_nakidka (396x600, 56Kb)
Awesome, is not it? You want the same knitted sweater cape? Then buy the yarn, hold the spokes and for the cause!
Yarn: Monte Color: Cream 62 the number of hanks: 7; Needles: № 5
Pazmep: 44-46
Used knitting equipment: front surface, Wrong expanse
1. Dial the 85 loops. Assign 14 rows alternately provyazyvaya 2 rows of 2 rows and the purl stitch front.
2. With the lower edge of the web (skirt) 60 tie loops facial and turn operation.
3. Assign the first 12 rows of 4 loops, constantly turning the work.
4. Then, the same tie 12 rows from the group consisting of loops. Thus the complete series.
5. Assign all of the loops 85 coats the front 4 rows (minx: fit of the upper hinge 25 should Their knit alternately provyazyvaya 2 rows of 2 rows and the purl stitch past the front should not dovyazyvat To form the neckline in every 3rd row 5.. loops).
6. Knit alternating webs convex portions with the front surface of 4 rows (in terms of alternate yoke 2 rows and the purl surface of the front 2 rows).
7. Perform five rows of convex, to delay loop 44. On the other needle dial 52 loops, to connect with the remaining sts and continue to knit convex motifs.
8. Linking 10 series of convex motifs, close the loop 52, the deferred loop back and continue knitting back until then.
9. 12 until a convex rows. Again postponed loop gain additional loops to bind and second sleeves as described above.
10. Linking sleeve further second knitting the front board. After the required number of rows of convex tie 14 rows, 2 rows alternately provyazyvaya front 2 rows and the purl stitch (to form the neck cutout in each 3rd row should not dovyazyvat upper hinge yoke 5). In the 10th row in the upper part of the yoke hole for buttons perform: first knit loops 4, make a 1 sc and subtract one loop. Knit the next 9 stitches and perform even 1 hole.
5283370_vyazanaya_nakidka_chertyoj (217x300, 11Kb)
5283370_vyaznaya_kofta (480x640, 181Kb)
And the railway  is connected to two lines. Yarn used: "Children novelty" ((100% acrylic, 200m in 50g) took a little over 7 skeins and "Moher Gold" ((40% mohair, 60% acrylic, 500m 100g) took skein 3) Spokes №2. ,5.
5283370_vyazanaya_kofta_spinka (480x640, 145Kb)
on instead of the above-described "convex pattern" knitting "Asian spikelet" on six loops. About "Asian spike" in the internet a lot of information.

NN8IC1xAMrg (493x700, 342Kb) <

N6spBXz4TvI (483x700, 347Kb) 

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