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Round motif in the Bargello technique.  MK.

 Plaid waffle pattern 

This unique plaid pattern wafer used.

Plaid linked from very soft and fluffy yarn dolphin, in the likeness of fleece.

The pattern - the usual waffle. Along the edges of blanket decorated with small pompons.

Plaid Size -. 2 x 1.5 m

pled vafelnii uzor 1 (2) (570x462, 50Kb)

How to Knit Crochet Waffle pattern

Scheme shows that the first row of columns to fit nakida.

vafelnyiy-uzor-shema (260x104, 7Kb)

Further, in each even row 3VP, 1 embossed convex column, S1N * 1, * 2 the relief column.

How to Knit a relief column I talked recently. You can go to the link and see. 

In each odd row of the relief columns of the previous row - 2 column with nakida, above the bars with nakida - embossed convex column.

With this knitting on the front side is a beautiful waffle pattern. 
vos'migrannyj pled

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