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s (497x700, 223Kb)


Sew a quilt with your hands is quite real. We just need to have patience and the original blanket ready. 

Size: approx. 116 x 116 cm 

you will need: c / b fabric: 

(A) a green pattern - 70 cm, 

(B) golden beige fabric - 95 cm, 

(C) the fabric in strip - 25 cm, 

(D) a light beige - 30 cm, 

(E), beige with green 
pattern - 30 cm

(the F) cream with beige pattern - 100 cm

(the G), beige with a pattern - 30 cm

(H) dark green patterned - 50 sm.

160 cm syntepon for installation,

160 cm beige fabric with a marble pattern for the reverse side and edging.

Tip: Before you begin cutting, cut the edge in all tissues.

Cutting: For blanket cut out of the fabric A:

4 square at 23h23 cm,

9 squares 17x17 cm,

4 square at 19x19 cm,

from the tissues into 4 strips on 19h116 cm

of fabric with a 4 band 6h108 cm

from D fabrics, E and G by 12 squares 15x15 cm

From fabric F: 8 squares 19x19 cm

From fabric H 12 squares 13x13 cm,

4 square on 6x6 cm,

16 squares of 9x9 cm

From fabric for edging: 4 4h116 strip cm

6 7 cm wide strips throughout the length of the fabric.

Getting started with the preparation of right-angled triangles of fabric D, E, F, G.

Assembling the quilt:

From squares grind blocks of 31h31. Pritachivaem inner and outer rim. To cut out parts of the padding polyester and fabric for the back of the size quilt fabric with small margins on all sides.

Spread on a flat surface of the fabric for obr.storony blankets, padding polyester over it, and on top of the quilt. Smetana all 3 layers along the seam lines. Perform stёzhku into the seam along the lines of stitching the blocks, rows and border strips.

The edges of the blankets okantuem strip of fabric for okan.shir. 7 cm. Pritachivaem strip along one side, before reaching the end of 1 cm. Bend the edging 90 degrees and begin pritachivat along the second side of the blanket from the point at which ended pred.shov. When will be made posled.shov, carefully grind the beginning and end of the border. When all seams wrap strip on izn.storonu and forming corners, stitched the folded edge of a hidden seam by hand.

Driving cross-linking units.

L1 (700x279, 26Kb)

v2 (700x148, 18Kb)

L3 (658x614, 102Kb)

b4 (640x628, 248Kb)


s (500x328, 88Kb)


summer filled with paint all around. And how beautiful bright yellow carpets in the fields! Let it covers, inspired by summer flowers, pleases you and your child in all seasons! 

Size - 110 x 140 cm. 


cotton cloth three colors -for the front side; 

fabric - for the wrong side; 


sewing - for sewing and stitching. 




Sewing Quilt 

Seam - 1 cm allowances iron out in different directions. 

We cut out 20 squares of 10 x 10 cm square, and 4 x 18 18 cm each color for the front side. Squares collect 12 large blocks of color layout. 

Two small squares sewn together and connect with a large square block for the assembly. Then, to the other side of a large square sew a row of three small squares. 


Before you start cutting fabric, they need to be washed. This will make sure that the fabric does not fade, and to avoid shrinkage. 

L1 (352x700, 71Kb)

We collect blocks in 4 rows of 3 large square. Rows sew together. For internal frames cut out of fabric strips 6 cm wide. By the vertical sides of the central part 2 sew on strips 98 cm iron out allowances. Next to the horizontal sides sew strips 2 on 82 cm, iron out the allowances. 

To curb the vertical sides sew two strips of yellow cloth 106 x 16 cm. To sew the horizontal sides of the 2 bands of 110 x 19 cm. The resulting upper part carefully iron out. 

v2 (700x169, 63Kb)

To assemble the blankets laid out on a flat surface fabric for the wrong side, face down, on it - a layer of padding polyester top - patchwork fabric face up. Size inside out and syntepon must be greater than the patchwork fabric 5 cm on each side. All three layers of shear baste or safety pins on the perimeter and down the rows of the big squares. Sewn on a machine or manually by gra-Nice each square, along the boundaries of the inner frame and the curb. After the stitches cut the fabric inside out and extending syntepon, align the edges. 

L3 (450x569, 67Kb)

Fringing blanket 

cuts out edging strips 4 cm wide. Impose Okant-in trim strip face on the front of the product, combining its open cut and slice the top patchwork parts, and sew at a distance of 1 cm from the slices. We turn away edging strip on the wrong side and sew on the front side seam sewing strip. 


for cutting tissue is best to use special tools: samovos-rehydrating mat and rotary cutter. With their help, you definitely soak a piece of cloth the size of the necessary and allowances, as well as save time. 

Author Oksana Kondratenko

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