Sunday, February 19, 2017


yu (542x360, 47Kb)


Now on the shelves you can find a huge range of different products for storage. You can select any box or basket to your taste and the size necessary to you, but we offer you the most to make such a basket. Its creation will not only bring you a lot of fun, but also help save money. Below is a guide for sewing nicest baskets of fabric.

Baskets of fabric

you'll need

two kinds of fabric (color and monochrome)

fabric for the lining (batting)

skin to make handles

metal buttons

J1 (604x402, 35Kb)


1. From the fabric and lining Cut out the shape similar to the letter "H". The dimensions are shown in the photo.

w2 (604x402, 41Kb)

2. The need to make allowances for 1.5 cm for the seams on a gray fabric lining.

3. On the color segment of the allowances needed on all sides, at the top of the basket, where it will open, allowance
should be large -. ~ 2.5 cm

w3 (604x402, 52Kb)

4. Fold and sew the lining and separately colored part.

J4 (542x360, 22Kb)

yu5 (542x360, 21Kb)

5. Turn out here are part of the basket.

yu6 (542x360, 39Kb)

6. Insert the colored part in a monotonous, securing pins and sew.

yu7 (542x360, 32Kb)

yu8 (542x360, 33Kb)

7. From the harvested piece of skin cut off the strip, which will serve as handles. With metal buttons to fasten them to the basket.

yu9 (542x360, 44Kb)

yu10 (542x360, 47Kb)

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