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b (470x491, 73Kb)


Size: Size 36-44.

If you want to remember our size chart, see. Here .

Fabric width 150cm, length 180cm.

You should use a cloth, as the left and right sides look elegant
(the left side of the fabric is visible in the arms!)

.Bluzki Visible in the photographs were used with the addition of polyester cotton.

Cloth a little tougher than the popular slim satin, which is a well-groomed form a sleeve.

Clothing: Topics fleece.

Accessories for clothes: sharp scissors, safety pins.

Blouse is very easy to sew!

1 (500x340, 52Kb)
b2 (350x526, 45Kb)

Plans to increase

b3 (333x576, 131Kb)

now had no choice but fun sewing.

See how you can arrange to cut tissue.

You can print out our plan layout for easier cutting.

The reduction in the following sections:

1 front shirt one time, double-folded material.

2 blouses back once the double-folded material.

3 sleeves 2 times in a single layer of material, which look at an example of the circuit,
and note that the second time she has to be cut in mirror image

4 odszycie front once, double-folded material

5 odszycie back once, double-folded material.

If you want to prepare the tape shown in accordance with the instructions
given here , a further reduction in the tie, long enough,
to tie it twice and tie a pretty bow.


4 (650x569, 78Kb)

If you are not sure which size you should choose, take a look again on our size table, which will help you in making a decision.

5 (700x165, 35Kb)


b (370x592, 68Kb)


Blouse wraparound

blouse with a smell.

Size 40

Height 168 cm 92-74-96

Driving blouses

1 (500x343, 30Kb)

Details patterns are given in full size, just print and glue patterns.

Tips for selection of fabrics: choose silk, satin, or other flowing fabrics.

In addition to fabric: Inventory "fleece" - a glue pad and thread to match.

All patterns in our model (pattern blouse with a smell) are given without allowances (all seams take about 1 cm. At the bottom of the product and on the sleeves 1.5 cm.)

Be careful! Raskraivaya fabric do not forget about the presence in the model paired parts such as hoses.

Options for cutting the pattern blouse with a smell:

Because of satin silk:

1. Shelve - 2 children

2. The back - 2 children

3. Reception - 2 children

4. Belt - 2 children

5. Sleeve - 2 children

of non-woven - Linings:

1. Reception - 1 children

Phased tailoring description:

1. Apply the upper interlining vorotnchek.

2. Mark the (---) and tuck stitch on the chest (on the shelf). Darts press it iron (temperature set, taking into account the kind of fabric) top. Tuck, "the smell" to sew on marked lines and press them down iron.

3. Sew the darts on the back part. Press them their iron to the middle seam. Sew middle back seam detail. Seam overlozhte (Neaten) and then iron the iron.

4. Neaten side edges of your blouses. Sew side seams and razutyuzhte blouse, leaving a hole in the right seam. Route the finishing line at 0.1 cm "along" the hole left in the side seam. Sew, neaten and then iron toward the back all the shoulder seams.

5. Fold 2 pieces stand facing each other and sew. Trim seam allowances and turn the resulting collar. On the inside of the rack at the marks drawn similar to the shoulder seam, cutting the seam allowances. Proutyuzhte your collar.

6. Cut the entire shelf from the shoulder seam to set the mark. Neaten of the shoulder seam and the oblique cut "single cut" podborta. Sew collar neck: from ledge collar and is sewn to the upper and lower simultaneously, from the back - only the top. Seam 0.2-0.3 cm. Podbort unscrew the front side and sew to the collar and the shoulder seam. Podbort again bend over to the wrong side. Do not sewn allowance inner collar "tuck" inward and prostrochite seam in sewing the upper collar.

7. Belt along the fold in half face inward and prostrochite with 3 sides: two long and one short side. Remove the belt and proutyuzhte.

8. Bend podbort on the front side, put between the shelf and podbortom times and sew a seam. Seam Neaten, podbort unscrew the side of the reverse. Fold the open section of the area from the waist to the bottom of the inside and prostrochite.

9. Sew and neaten the seams sleeves. Then iron the seams sleeves. Between lay notch line with weak stitches and gather in the assembly. Sew sleeves into armholes. Neaten seams and then iron the side shelves.

10. Bottom product tuck and prostrochite.

Download the pattern blouse with a smell free from

bluzka-s-zapahom.rar [311.26 Kb] (Count: 21366)

x1 (493x696, 25Kb)
n2 (488x700, 13Kb)
n3 (492x700, 26Kb)
x4 (490x700, 9Kb)
H5 (490x700, 13Kb)
ya6 (485x700, 12Kb)
ya7 (490x700, 22Kb)
ya8 (490x700, 18Kb)
ya9 (488x700, 7Kb)
ya10 (488x700, 34Kb)
ya11 (488x700, 34Kb)
ya12 (486x700, 28Kb)
ya13 (493x698, 21Kb)
ya14 (490x700, 13Kb)
ya15 (493x700, 15Kb)
ya16 (490x700, 15Kb)
ya17 (487x700, 20Kb)
ya18 ​​(488x700, 21Kb)
ya19 (493x700, 20Kb)
ya20 (490x700, 13Kb)
ya21 (486x700, 20Kb)
ya22 (488x700, 15Kb)
ya23 (484x700, 29Kb)
ya24 (484x700, 29Kb)
ya25 (488x700, 21Kb)

As glue patterns sheets

ya26kak glue sheets of patterns (700x621, 37Kb)

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