Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Cardigan "drop of water"

Yarn - Slonim bobbin (100 g to 1600 m). yarn color was called "drop of water" and cardigan and delineated)).
I knit it the above yarn in 4 threads (thickness I turned 400 m per 100 g), used a hook number 1.75.

Shelves and back knitting a single cloth, knit the required length and vyvyazyvaya armholes, divide the canvas into three parts and each part separately knitting. 

Sleeve associated also from the bottom up, uniformly add loops, and included them in a pattern. 

Cardigan "Aciano". 

Cardigan without fasteners, but you can sew on buttons, with openwork strapping use as loops.

Driving web

Driving harness

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