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In order to make your hands pompons home need cardboard, yarn and a needle with a large eye and scissors.
Using a compass draw two circles on the cardboard with a diameter of six and a half centimeters, and even within a circle diameter 2,2sm. Cut the resulting circles and inner circles and add up these patterns on one another.
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Next, we need multi-colored woolen threads, such as blue and white. Threads may be the same quality and thickness, but this is not essential. Thread length should be no longer than 3 meters. For convenience, they should be rolled up into a ball.
Wrapped, blue thread our templates of a circle of cardboard. Doing two or three turns, the remaining tail thread anchoring under already wound coils. Yarn wound freely.
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So we should not try to cover the entire surface at once, the better it will do in the next row. Wrapping templates twice, stop. At the end of the article you can find some simple and illustrative master classes on making pompons own hands with photo instruction, where everything is quite clearly described.

So, let's continue. Further, by the same mechanism wrapped in two rows pattern with white thread. Then the whole process starts over again, ie, do beaming at first blue, then white thread on two rows. After the thread is finished, the tail again, hiding under the coils, and is taken following the thread of the same length.
During that as you'll twist template strands will need to add a few times. From the thickness of the yarn depends on how many turns will be.
If you make a pompom dense, using fluffy yarn, toys of them will be a great form.
After the hole in the template will be small and will be uncomfortable to stretch through it thread by hand, you can use a needle with a large ear. It is passed in the thread and continue the wound. When the inner circle will be closed the template is ready. Running a little ahead to say that you can make a very nice mat pompons with their hands, when you produce a sufficient amount of soft balls. A video tutorial posted below will help you with this.
pompons with their hands
To assemble the required pompom yarn length of about thirty centimeters.
Threads on the template it is necessary to accurately move, to find them under the cardboard templates. Use scissors to cut the thread in half between the cartons. Remember to cut the thread must be strictly between templates!
Stretches between cartons prepared thread and winding it produced a beam, followed by tying a thread on a double knot. Then remove the template, if you wrapped the thread too tight, they can be cut off. Spread the resulting pompom trim and rough skin. That's all! If you get the hand to make pompoms quickly, you can make a very stylish and soft mat of pompons. Easily

pompons with their hands
How to tidy your pom-poms hands of woolen thread. Mini Master Class
pompons with their hands
Make pompons own hands without the help of patterns cut from cardboard. Master Class
And here's one more tips on creating FLOORMAT

Here is the prototype of an Internet and our (our, in my opinion, much nicer :)): Process and details: 1.Rendering and creating scaled circuit in Excel (slightly changed form to bear prettier). 2. Preparation according to circuit patterns of parts. 3. Calculation of number of materials and procurement.  Yarn Alize Superlana Maxi (75% acrylic, 25% wool, 100 g / 100 m), very soft, not too twisted, when creating pompons easily raspushivaetsya and creates volume.               Milk - 8 skeins (enough even with the additional pompons),               beige - 1 roll (enough butt)               pink - 1 roll (left virtually the whole) Molyneux dark chocolate color. For the base piece of white felt Mert per meter (it took less than: 90cm to 60cm). 4. Education crochet circle and oval, as well as technology training pompons. 5. Vyvyazyvanie parts and training pompons in the right number ve. Pompon initially produced 60 pieces. milk for the whole bird and one pink for nozzle diameter of 7 cm + two pink ears to 5 cm in diameter, and then added another 8 pieces. milk for the carcass. 6. Stripping knitted parts and trim pompons. 7. Sew all the details to the base.
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