Saturday, January 28, 2017

Purse-Felt cosmetic bag with beading tutorial

Wallet, cosmetic bag with a clasp made of felt |  Fair Masters - handmade, handmade

This will require:

- One A4 sheet 2.1 mm thick felt;

- Small pieces of felt for decoration (in this case white and brown);

- Lining fabric the same size;

- Beads of different colors (orange, brown, white);

- Small wooden beads orange;

- Sewing clasp 8.5 cm;

- Filigree connector (2 pieces for decoration.);

- Thread for decoration;

- A thread of gray and brown.

Master Class

felt 2016

Draw a pattern based on the size of the clasp (subject to variation), envisage place undercuts.


We transfer the pattern on a piece of felt, do seam allowance of 3-5 mm.

Felt with embroidery


 Sew first recess, and then the two pieces together, leaving space for the buckle. Gut-wrenching.


with clasp purse

 Put the thread pattern and sew.

handmade cosmetic

cosmetic bag with clasp

cosmetic bag with zip

Of the pieces of felt cut out the flower and sew.

 And now it's beads and your imagination!

For the same do the pattern linings, as well sew and undercut parts.

 Sew on the zipper.

 The result had been here a purse-cosmetic.

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