Thursday, January 12, 2017


4683827_20130228_132727 (700x548, 291Kb)Dress and hat openwork crochet for girls / 4683827_20130228_132711 (700x528, 299Kb)

4683827_20130228_132745 (700x525, 346Kb)

4683827_20130228_132801 (433x700, 277Kb)

4683827_20130228_132816 (550x412, 166Kb)4683827_20130228_132845 (550x409, 169Kb)4683827_20130228_132832 (547x411, 209Kb)Set "Cutie"

I wish you all good luck and light and smooth loops. Girls who offer schemes that flirts like. If possible, I will answer your questions, the computer does not work.

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