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###Double crochet – American version (the Column with nakida)###
###column without nakida. It’s called American single crochet###
VP - Air loop 
sc - bar without nakida 
SS - connecting column 
2 sc together - decrease RLS

### Crochet doble - versión americana (la columna con nakida) ###
### columna sin nakida. Se llama ganchillo americano único ###
VP - Bucle de aire
Sc - bar sin nakida
SS - columna de conexión
2 sc juntos - disminución de RLS

Thick yarn bright saturated colors is perfect for knitting a serrated pattern. The unusual asymmetric shape of the bag is created by connecting the ends of the L-shaped parts. Bright accent colors are simply sewn to the bag.

Size: 43 x 44 cm
Materials for knitting: 100 grams of blue and orange yarn, 50 grams of yellow, ecru, purple and green Boston yarn (70% polyacrylic, 30% wool, 55 m / 50 g); Hook number 7; 3 buckles for belts in the form of a flower.

Toothed pattern: number of loops multiply 12 + 7. Knit for the scheme. Start with loops before rapport, rapport repeat loops, loops after finishing rapport. Run one time with the 1st to 3rd p., Then repeat the 2nd and 3rd p.

The sequence of alternating colors: 2 p. * Green, ecru, purple, yellow, orange, blue, repeat from *.

The density of knitting: 11 n and 6.5 p.. = 10 x 10 cm. Caution! Bag fit in a single canvas.

Job Description: green thread to tie a chain of 67 abstentions. n. + 1 Air. n. lifting gear and knit pattern in accordance with the sequence of alternation of colors. After 37 cm = 24 p. from typesetting edge to miss at the right edge of the work item 24. After 74 cm = 48 p. from typesetting edge finish work on the remaining 43 n.

Assembling: green thread to start at the top left edge of the gear and fill the angle of the scheme (green icons on the chart and the pattern). Bag connect according to the pattern. To do this in the middle of inlaid edge (arrow A) is folded in half and sew. The left side edge and in the middle (arrow B) to fold in half and sew.

To handle the orange thread to tie a chain of 40 abstentions. n., and tie them 2 p. Art. w / orange and blue thread. Hands sew on the markings. Each pen to put the buckle in the shape of a flower. By the middle of the bag sew third buckle as buttons. For hinges in the appropriate place on the opposite side of the blue tie thread chain 12 from Air. n., perform a 1 tbsp. b / n in the region close to the start of the loop, 12 Art. b / n in the chain of the Air. n. 1 and Art. b / n in the region.
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Step by step knitting machinery gear pattern
1. Knit 3 tbsp. b / n with: enter the hook in the 1st paragraph, stretch elongated loop and left on the hook..
3937411_1364235017_zubchatyiuzor (379x273, 14Kb)
2. Enter a hook in both of the following loop, stretch one elongated loop and left on the hook.
3937411_1364234992_zubchatyiuzor_1 (377x275, 13Kb)
3. Make 1 nakida and knit together with him all 4 loops are on the hook.
3937411_1364235010_zubchatyiuzor_2 (373x270, 12Kb)
4. Article 3. b / n 1 n base:. 1, Art. b / n in the corresponding loop of the previous row.
3937411_1364234979_zubchatyiuzor_3 (374x269, 10Kb)
5. In the same loop of the previous row to perform another 2 tbsp. b / n.
3937411_1364234970_zubchatyiuzor_4 (378x265, 10Kb)

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