Sunday, December 25, 2016


These ideas for home and garden is impressive in its simplicity and practicality. Surprisingly, the plastic pipe is the perfect material for many building projects. A little creativity and imagination, you can create a functional and useful items from plastic pipes around your home and garden. You will need scissors for pipe, you can buy them cheaply in the online store of the company "Moraine" on
30-Creative-Uses-of-PVC-Pipes-in-Your-Home-and-Garden (600x334, 32Kb)
Practical trough for chickens - a very simple and inexpensive project.
30-Creative-Uses-of-PVC-Pipes-in-Your-Home-and-Garden-1-700x408 (700x408, 52Kb)
These compounds cups are ideal for storing office supplies or accessories to make-up on your desk and in your bathroom.
30-Creative-Uses-of-PVC-Pipes-in-Your-Home-and-Garden-2_1 (550x550, 26Kb)
Holder wine glasses made by cutting a channel in the pipe. How are the glasses - can be seen below.
30-Creative-Uses-of-PVC-Pipes-in-Your-Home-and-Garden-3 (616x462, 26Kb)
Agree, comfortable place to hold a hair dryer, iron.
30-Creative-Uses-of-PVC-Pipes-in-Your-Home-and-Garden-4-700x933 (525x700, 53Kb)
This strawberry tower - an innovative and fun way to raise a lot of strawberries on a limited yard space. Strawberries are grown vertically, protecting it from harmful insects on the earth and dirt. 

30-Creative-Uses-of-PVC-Pipes-in-Your-Home-and-Garden-5 (605x605, 78Kb)

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