Friday, December 16, 2016


Measurements: hoop - 23 cm diameter

- Pingouin BELLA - 1 ball in color 314 (tomatoes);
- ag. to crochet 2 ½;
- frame or wooden frame with 23 cm in diameter;
- cotton fabric in red color;
- acrylic blanket for stuffing;
- red satin ribbon;
- golden ribbon;
- bow tie;
- Christmas flower.

POINT EMPLOYEE: little chain (corr.). Very low point (p.bx.) - enter the ag, 1 Lace, pull the p... and passes it directly at p. ag .. Low point (bp) - enter the ag, 1 Lace, pull the p... and other Lace. rem. all p. High Point (Pa . ) - 1 Lace, enter the ag. and pull the p., 1 lac., rem. 2 p. and other Lace. rem. all p.

SAMPLE: heart motif - 12 x 12 cm, approximately.

The garland is made of 5 heart motifs, applied on a rim or frame.
Heart Motif - Start at the bottom square FILE network, making 15 corr plus 3 corr.. to turn. Work following the chart from the 1st to 6th carr. Rem. the wire. To the top right of the heart, unite the wire on p. indicated (= 4 pa 6th carr.) and work following the chart by 5 corr., 1 p.bx. the 2nd pa after the union of the wire and then to the 1st and 2nd carr. Rem. the wire. To the upper left of the heart, unite the wire on p. indicated and work following the chart. After the top left, joining the wire at p. indicated (= 1st of 15 corr. corr. the basis of the original square) and make pout around the entire heart of reason, as the graph shows. Rem. the wire.

Make a paper pattern, the measures and the heart motif format. Following the pattern paper, cut 10 pieces equal in cotton fabric, leaving a margin of 0.5 cm more sewing. Put the pieces together and fill with acrylic blanket, forming 5 "fops". On each apply a cause of heart with p. invisible. Leave the wait. With red ribbon, lining around the rim or frame. Attach hearts around the rim, leaving a gap at the top to hold the bow tie and the Christmas flower. With golden ribbon, making 4 laces and interim between the heart reasons.

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