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Sizes 36/38 (40/42) 44/46


Yarn (100% Cotton, 110 m / 50 g) - 200 (250) 250 g col. ecru and 50 g of pale green, mint, lavender, blue, plum and lilac;hook №4; circular needles №3,5; elastic webbing for belt width of 3 cm and a length equal to the circumference of the waist.


FACIAL stroked
in circular rows knit only facial loop.

Wrong stroked
knit only purl loops in circular rows.

Wrong garter stitch
in circular rows knit alternately 1 circular row purl, 1 circular row facial.

Run a chain of 6 CP and to close it in the ring with 1 comp. Art. Continue acc. Scheme crochet knitting pattern circular rows.Each circular row start with 1 extra initial ce and finish 1 Comm. Art. in the 1 st century. w / circular series.
The initial number and 1st + 2nd circular rows of thread to perform the same color, the 3rd and 4th rows of circular thread to execute a different color. Colors to choose optional or acc. a photo.
38f8d9a6dc62b44dc6d9b66c64e247f9 (615x700, 189Kb)

21,25 p. X 29 round. R. . = 10 x 10 cm due to the spokes of the above patterns,
flower size, crocheted, = 8 x 8 cm.

f653a5306dc692a481c495a1165ef5be (400x700, 63Kb)


Run 36 (39) 42 with varying flower color sequence. At the same time, starting with the 2nd motif, in the last number of circular motifs combine in places indicated by the arrows using the Port. Art. in a strip of 3 x 12 (13) 14 motifs.
Tape the short sides also connect to the ring.

dial on circular needles 204 (221) 238 loops and close into a ring. Then knit as follows:.... * 14 n front stitch, 1 p purl garter stitch, 1 p purl stitch, 1 p purl garter stitch, from * repeat another 11 (12) 13 times.
After 11 cm from the initial number subtract for pritalivaniya 24 (26) 28 n. to do this, knit the 1st and the last loop of the front surface of a neighboring loop purl garter stitch together purl respectively = 180 (195) 210 n. The decrease in width to the pattern shown in the form of a bevel.
After 25 cm from the an initial set of all loop freely close.

The lower portion of the skirt sewn to the initial row of the top of the skirt as follows: at flowers portion between the arrow a and B, and C and D arrow sewn to 6 loops initial set respectively between miss 5 loops the initial number.
skirt upper edge to the width of 5 cm hem inside, while leaving a hole for threading elastic tape.
vdet elastic webbing desired length and sew the ends.

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