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Knit Mittens is not difficult. . The most important thing - is to remove all the necessary measurements with his hands and make the right calculation
about how to do this, it is very well described in the article below (click to enlarge):
Here is another interesting, in my opinion, the article (here described another way vyvyazyvaniya thumb):
When knitting mittens and gloves do not always have the opportunity to take your measurements with a "customer".In such cases, the size of the table are very useful:
Varezhki- "pups" in the age of 5-6 years
I have vykladvala description mittens in the form of mice , which are related to his son Marcus in the past year.
This winter I found a simple, convenient and accurate way vyvyazyvaniya "fur" mouse.
Mittens Require:

- 50 grams of pink yarn (Viking Baby Ull, 100% wool, 50 g = 175 m, color 366 (2)..).
Knit in two strands must be! ;
- Approx 30 g. "Grass" pink;
- hosiery needles number 3 (5 pcs.);
Description of work:
In the above description, I was here a mittens drawing:
I'm a little simplified drawing by making the upper and nizhnyuyuyu half mittens same.
In addition, in my opinion, more correct to place the thumb from the edge of the bottom half of the mittens
in the process of knitting is very convenient to have before my eyes a drawing in full size to compare with him then, what you do on the needles.
And now go directly to the knitting :-)
1. Dial the warp yarn 32 loops and knit 20 rows (5.5 cm.) Rubber band 1x1;
2. In 21-th row to go to the front knitting stitch, add another 4 loop [n = 36, 9 loops on needle.] And knit circle embroidery front 16 rows;
3. In the 17th row to form a hole thumb loops knit 6 contrasting thread, and then transfer them back to the left needle and knit again the main thread;
4. Knit 25 rows of the front satin stitch. Then, to form a "corner" mittens on the needles 1 and 3 knit together the first and second loop, and the spokes 2 and 4 last and penultimate loop swap and knit together. When the remaining 4 loops, break the thread and pull it through the loop with a hook, then hide inside thread;
5. vyvyazyvaniya thumb: remove the auxiliary thread formed loops (6 and 7 at the top of the bottom) onto the needles, add 1 st on the right and on the left and knit 17 rows of circular warp yarn. Then close in the same manner as in step 4.;
6. Assign "fur" mouse as follows: string "Grass" to dial 20 loops of the loops of the first row of the upper half mittens using the hook, move hinges on the spokes and tie front embroidery rectangle length 11-12 cm Next, nezakryvaya loop, sew them. the upper half mitten gorizotalnym knit stitch. Sew "fur" to the mitten on the sides;
7. For the ears: 2 CP connect into the ring and knit 12 st s / n. Sew ears to the mitten. The nose and eyes made from beads.
Mittens are ready!

Other color options:
varezhki002_resize.jpg super-shapka001_resize.jpg


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