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knitting crochet lessons: "Popcorn"

Patterned "Popcorn"
Such a name pattern "popcorn" received for what he really resembles something three-dimensional, the same plump grains like popcorn.

Pattern "popcorn" fit polustolbikami and columns with one or two nakida.
And just look at how it's done:
Provyazyvaem first three or four bars with nakida one chain loop.
Then, connect between the first and last columns with nakida.
One shishechka popcorn ready.
Pattern "popcorn" you can knit so that it was visible from both sides of the web. To do this, remove the hook from the loop, re-enter it in the front loop, and then the pattern "popcorn" is on the front side of the web. If you enter a hook behind the pattern will appear on the wrong side.
Whatever pattern of "popcorn" was not too loose and need to look neat:
  • Provyazyvayte loop smaller hook, than all knit fabric.
  • Pattern should consist of a smaller number of loops.
  • Tie the bumps instead of "popcorn".
To consolidate the material take a look another video tutorial "Popcorn"


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###Double crochet – American version (the Column with nakida)###
###column without nakida. It’s called American single crochet###
VP - Air loop 
sc - bar without nakida 
SS - connecting column 
2 sc together - decrease RLS

Usually I start  knitting flowers  with a sliding hinge. Similarly, I decided to go today.
1st row is knitted as follows: It is as always simple. Inside the sliding hinge provyazyvaem 6 columns without nakida. Loop course then tighten by pulling on the end of the thread and close the loop connecting the first row.
2 series. Too simple. Knit each base loop 2 column without nakida. And connects the first and last number of loops connecting loop. Well, now it's time to change the color of the skin. old thread ruthlessly cut off and choose another potsvetastee.
Knit 3 row. Threaded hook to any base loop, one that will attract larger, and take out the loop, using a different color thread. Then knit 2 air loop for lifting. In the same loop that we started out with a column of knit nakida one, then two air loops.
The next loop provyazyvaem base 2 column with one nakida. Further knitting is repeated 2 air loop and a column 2 with nakida. So knit to end of row. At the end of the series we combine the first and last loops connecting loop.
4 series. He was a little more complicated. Again, change the thread on which the other, no less colorful. By air vdevaem chain hook, take out the loop and knit two air loops for lifting. Then provyazyvaem 5 columns with one nakida at the same point at which to begin to knit the fourth row.
Now knit popcorn. To do this, pull out the hook out of the loop, vdevaem it in 2 air loop, then the loop, from where he had just taken out and dragged one loop through the other.
Further knitting is repeated as follows: 3 air loop, popcorn of 6 bars with nakida under the following chain of air loops. At the end of the series - connecting loop.
And now  a video lesson crochet  and see how it fit on, because to describe all the details I did not have the patience.
And I remind you that perezalivat video on extraneous services is strictly prohibited.


flower-of-lush-columns1 (150x150, 30Kb)

flower-of-lush-columns2 (250x240, 34Kb)

full_7535_107247_LovelyCrochetMohairBrooch_1 (700x524, 216Kb)

full_3868_87504_CrochetInfinityScarfWithFlower_3 (525x700, 345Kb)

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full_9818_80118_ChunkyCowlScarfWithFlowerLavender_1 (570x427, 171Kb)

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