Monday, October 24, 2016


Flowers of nylon . Very beautiful composition, a master class on Begonias flowers
If you have not learned to work with wire and Capron), I invite you to be inspired by a very beautiful flower arrangements of nylon colors. Here I place the best photos of works of Japanese masters, and photo required for the operation of tools and photo workshop for the production of flowers Begonias. Enjoy and get to work!
2699063551695965049 (569x700, 262Kb)
2699063551695965042 (700x613, 238Kb)
2699063551695965055 (529x700, 245Kb)
2699063551695965052 (538x700, 226Kb)
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Tools and materials required for the manufacture of nylon colors:
nylon, thread, pliers, wire, floral tape, ready stamens and leaves from artificial flowers
dgfgyfth (547x351, 329Kb)

sdfad (542x351, 239Kb)

sdfd (543x346, 283Kb)

vapv (543x350, 371Kb)

Flowers of nylon (547x343, 380Kb)

flowers from kaprona1 (547x342, 383Kb)

flowers from kaprona3 (541x342, 363Kb)

flowers from kaprona4 (541x335, 322Kb)
flowers from kaprona5 (542x346, 438Kb)
2699063551695965045 (497x700, 219Kb)
2699063551695965046 (700x493, 202Kb)
2699063551695965047 (626x700, 330Kb)
2699063551695965048 (700x525, 205Kb)

2699063551695965050 (516x700, 227Kb)
2699063551695965051 (670x700, 322Kb)
2699063551695965054 (525x700, 222Kb)

2699063551695965053 (586x700, 221Kb)
2699063551695965056 (700x596, 281Kb)
2699063551695965057 (525x700, 208Kb)
2699063551695965058 (616x700, 249Kb)
2699063551695965059 (477x700, 204Kb)
2699063551695965060 (547x700, 206Kb)
2699063551695965043 (643x700, 261Kb)
2699063551695965044 (525x700, 254Kb)
Photography master class on creation of nylon flowers Begonias
1 (545x365, 538Kb)

2 (540x700, 468Kb)

3 (543x359, 276Kb)

4 (547x311, 259Kb)

5 (545x345, 304Kb)

6 (544x330, 447Kb)

7 (550x169, 153Kb)

8 (546x254, 247Kb)

9 (544x323, 484Kb)

10 (546x662, 854Kb)

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