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1 (559x700, 208Kb)

Size (Russia):  46/48  You will need:  100 g of blue, turquoise, white, color. brass, yellow, orange and light green yarn (100% cotton, 125 m / 50 g); hook № 3,5; embroidery needle with a blunt end and about 1 meter elastic tape width 2 cm.  Knitting Technology. Hexagon: make a ring of filament run 6 tablespoons. b / N in the ring and close to the ring with 1 comp. Art. Knit of Scheme 1 in circular rows. Each circular row start with the initial Air. n. under the scheme and finish 1 Comm. Art. the last initial abstentions. n. a circular series. Run 1 Time 7.1 minutes circular rows, and after 2, 3, 4, and 6, several circular thread color change.  Half of the hexagon:  knit as a hexagon, but the scheme 2. After the 1st row to continue working circular rows in forward and backward direction. Run 1 Time 7.1 minutes circular series / series, alternated with colored yarns as in a hexagon

Pattern Strap:  Art. b / n in circular rows. Each circular row start with 1 extra VP lifting and finish 1 Comm. Art. in the 1 st century. w / circular series. 

. The density of knitting Hexagon from the brink to brink - 9.5 cm; from peak to peak - 11 cm; length side - 5.5 cm.  DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION To perform a skirt 55 and as many as 11 half hexagons, with colored yarns to choose at will. Motives make according to the pattern, at the same time to introduce the hook just behind the rear wall of the loop. Assembly: to strap to tie the upper edge 253 Art. w / turquoise thread (= 23 n. half of the hexagon) and close the circular row with 1 comp. ArtContinue pattern strips, while the 2nd circumferential row provyazyvat permanently together loop to 2 n = 127. After 5 cm from the start of bundling operation to continue through the blue thread and 8 cm from the beginning to end tying operation. Planck tuck on the wrong side and sew to the 2nd circular row to start strapping, leaving a hole for threading elastic tape. Vdet elastic webbing desired length and sew the ends to sew up the hole. 

Skirt hook + bag of motivesSkirt hook + bag of motives

1 (559x700, 208Kb)

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