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Knit this scarf right cloth. The first half knit in garter stitch, and the second half is necessary to knit squares of the right and wrong of loops. The web is then put together in a circle, and then tied with crochet top and bottom of the product. You can decorate with flowers and so on. N.
The original scarf LIC spokes
Beautiful scarf LIC associated spokes

Then I bring patterns scheme to the first embodiment of the scarf:

The scheme of knitting patterns to scarf

left pattern squares vary in height in eight rows!

Description of knitting

Take a thick thread 100g - 100m Needles №4 - 4,5..

Dial 60 n and knit as follows: bead, 30 n garter stitch (in persons and PHI p p - n individuals, the right pattern in the diagram), 28 p tally second pattern (pattern left in the diagram), bead.

These patterns knit desired length of your shoulders. The web should be connected in a circle. Well, tying for the beauty do at the top and bottom.

The second option scarf LICs

This is the second variation of the model. It should be knit from the top down. Optimally - circular needles, so as not to connect anything.

Independently calculate required for the high number of loops, then provyazyvaete at its own discretion how much something and doing increment by one loop. Received two backstitches and two facial loop. The length of the articles themselves, too count.

Well, then - hook processing. You should now have two rows of columns with 2 nakida, and then the pattern.

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